Career Opportunities with Topgrading, Inc.

“A career as a Topgrading Professional is incredibly rewarding, both financially and from a personal satisfaction perspective. You are providing a critical, life-changing experience for your clients!”

— Dr. Bradford Smart, President & CEO, Topgrading, Inc.

Would you like a career helping create successful companies and saving lives along the way? Topgrading, Inc., has the most effective and proven hiring methods in the industry. Within the 3rd Edition of Topgrading are 40 case studies of named companies whose senior executives say Topgrading not only improved talent, but definitely made their company more successful. As you know, it’s only successful companies that hire people, reducing unemployment.

What about “saving lives?” Yes, that’s also correct, according to the CEO of American Heart Association. Topgrading, Inc., is proud to donate intellectual property to help not-for-profits succeed. Some of those organizations, in addition to American Heart Association, are Arthritis Foundation, Feed the Children, World Vision, 600 schools in China, The Heritage Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and various charter schools and food banks.

Today, our company is growing. Our new product suite, Topgrading Online Solutions, built around our innovative Topgrading Snapshot, is on track to becoming the single most valid and useful hiring toolset available anywhere. Our growth has now required us to recruit new members of our team to make certain we stay attuned to the needs of our clients. Join us today!

Current Opportunities

Topgrading Professional

Location: You can live just about anywhere in the world.
Freedom: Topgrading Professionals generally have their own existing human resources consultancy, and Topgrading, Inc., passes on leads. You may accept or reject any leads, and only accept engagements and client leads where you have significant interest or can add significant value.
Responsibilities: Executive assessment and coaching (using Topgrading methods, of course), conducting two-day Topgrading Workshops, and conducting team-building sessions.
Standards: You must achieve an average rating of 8.5 (out of 10) from CEOs and other client executives in regard to your performance for them and a minimum of 8.5 average rating by workshop attendees.
Competencies: Topgrading Professionals must look and act like A Player professionals. They have deep insights into people, exceptional intelligence, and a winning personality. (Note: We can teach new professionals the Topgrading methods).
Education: Graduate degree (MBA, Ph.D. LLB, etc.)
Experience: Ten (preferably 15) years of experience, with at least five years of proven success influencing CEOs and other C-suite executives of Global 1000 companies.
Income Potential: $500k – $1 million+ (Limited only by your availability)

For more information, email Karen Adams, 847.244.5544, ext. 355.