Chat With A Topgrader Series:
Mark your calendar for the next Chat, May 1, 2014!

We are pleased that Dave Sibley, President and CEO of White Lodging Management Services, will share his Topgrading story in our next Chat on May 1, 2014, at Noon CST. White Lodging is one of the fastest-growing, fully integrated independent hotel ownership, development and management companies in the country. A trusted partner, White Lodging consistently delivers superior hotel experiences and exceptional returns on investment among premium, brand hotels across the country, making it one of the industry’s most desired hospitality leaders.

Dave is responsible for the management (including hiring of employees) for 170 hotels, 19 brands, and over $1 billion in revenue. White Lodging has been Topgrading for several years, and Dave will share his experiences Topgrading — what has been done with what results — and offer his insights and advice to would-be Topgraders.

Have a question for Dave or Brad? Submit your questions prior to the interview and get great advice on how to integrate Topgrading within your company. Only the first 100 people to sign up can attend, so be sure to sign up soon after you receive the invitation!

Don’t miss this exciting conference call, one in our exciting series, Chat with a Topgrader, featuring a Q & A with Brad Smart and a successful Topgrader. Past chats have included CEOs and heads of Human Resources of global and small/growth companies, such as Mark Watson, CEO of Argo Group International, Cass Wheeler of American Heart Association, World Emblem International’s CEO Randy Carr, and Scott Clawson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Culligan International. To read the transcript to our last Chat featuring Culligan, please click here.

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