Topgrading Case Studies

The 3rd Edition of Topgrading features 40 case studies that demonstrate the success that these organizations are experiencing in hiring not just “ok” performers, but true high performers in positions ranging from entry-level jobs to CEO. These studies offer a unique educational tool in which named executives of named companies explain how they tripled their success hiring and promoting employees at all levels, from entry-level to senior executive jobs. These case studies will be updated regularly, so check back often to learn how these executives are using Topgrading today to positively impact the success of their organizations.

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How to Use This Resource

  1. Glance through the Master Chart of the 40 published case studies, and it will be clear that Topgrading is for every organization worldwide. Read further, and you’ll see CEO quoting how Topgrading made their businesses more successful, and highlights, including their success stats.
  2. Then read the comprehensive case studies of companies to glean tips on integrating Topgrading for effective hires. If your company is small and fast growth, you’ll probably gravitate to similar company cases. But if you want to dramatically improve hiring at entry levels, you’ll be interested as well in the details of how some large companies topgraded.

How Companies Became, and Remain, Case Studies

To prepare for Topgrading, 3rd Edition, we emailed our list of subscribers to Topgrading Tips and asked for companies to contact us if they had achieved 75% high performers hired and/or promoted throughout the company, or at least a major segments (all management, or whatever).

For every case study, the agreement was this: The CEO and Brad Smart, CEO of Topgrading, had to agree on what content would be included in the case study. Brad wanted to include and confirm that ” before and after Topgrading” statistics were accurate. Although we wanted the most successful Topgrading companies to tell their stories, using a threshold of 75% high performers hired and/or promoted, we permitted some exceptions – an A Player head of a department Topgrading without the total company; one of 800 franchises of a caregiver company that dramatically improving hiring success and which cared for Brad’s aging mother; and other special circumstances.

Also, a couple of companies were allowed to remain anonymous because they didn’t want their competitors to be alerted to the competitive advantage that Topgrading has given them. The “26% – 85%” improvement is without weighting companies by size; it’s the simple mean average of the statistics in the Master Chart.

Remaining a Case Study

As long as the CEO and Brad agree to include his case study in this website, it will be. As always, we want to confirm that the data on improvement in hiring and promoting is accurate. After that, companies are free to create case studies that burnish their recruitment brand. You’ll read in many case studies just how well they are doing in the 12 Topgrading steps. As they do better in more of the steps, their success will improve, and no doubt they will want to edit their case study. Good for them!

How to Become a Case Study

It’s simple: Use Topgrading methods and honestly show improvement to at least 75% high performers hired and/or promoted throughout the company or in a significant part of the company. Why 75%? Because every company achieving 75% success is not satisfied; they’re aiming for 90% success. If you believe your organization qualifies and would like your results to appear here, please click here or contact us at 847-244-5544.


Reading the methods used and the advice of dozens of CEOs and heads of HR who tripled their success picking top performers is a practical way to learn. Ok, maybe their advice is more valuable than mine. But having conducted 6,500 Topgrading interviews and worked with hundreds of companies, I’ve paid attention to and learned from clients – to whom I dedicated Topgrading – 3rd Edition. So, under the assumption that I might have learned a lot from clients, visit the Topgrading Shop and learn more about our 2-DAY TOPGRADING WORKSHOPS, THE TOPGRADING WORKBOOK (used in our 2-day workshops), and in the NEW TOPGRADING TOOLKIT (including 7 hours of DVDs thoroughly explaining and demonstrating all 12 steps.

View Client Case Studies Become a Case Study!