Topgrading Snapshot

The Topgrading Snapshot is a one-page picture (“snapshot”) of a person’s career which solves three of the biggest problems in hiring: 1) candidates fudging the truth, 2) excessive time sorting through resumes, and 3) interviewing weak candidates.

As you know, resumes are incomplete and too often are deceptive, so you waste a lot of time studying zillions of resumes, trying to figure out which are truthful and wishing they contained more of the information you want. C Players are good at fudging the truth, so you end up interviewing way too many candidates and hiring way too many mediocre performers.


How the Topgrading Snapshot Works:

It can be deployed in several different ways – all of which work well, but here are two common approaches:

Option A:

Prospective candidates often respond to an opening in your company or to and advertisement for a position by emailing (or mailing) their resume for consideration. When that email or paper resume has been received, you simply use the Topgrading Snapshot’s built-in emailing system to send them a pre-formatted invitation email containing a link to fill out what looks much like a standard application form, but is actually the Topgrading Career History Form. This link will take your prospective candidates either to an optional pixel-perfect clone of your current website that is designed specifically to host your organization’s version of the Topgrading Snapshot or to the Topgrading Snapshot website – both of which function identically.

Option B:

On your organization’s website, you can provide a link for prospective candidates to use (usually in the “Careers” section of your website) that allows any candidate to “self-start” the Topgrading Snapshot process without requiring you to send them an email them in advance. Using this approach, the Topgrading Snapshot’s built-in Career History Form becomes your organization’s application form and any prospective candidate may use it.

Other Options:

There are several other methods you can use to deploy the Topgrading Snapshot to fit your organization’s needs and circumstances. We’ll be happy to discuss a “best-fit” approach tailored specifically for your requirements.

Regardless of the deployment method that you use, your applicants will be completing the Topgrading Career History Form, which turbo-boosts the screening process and gives you the best possible information about prospective members of your team, allowing you to make far better hiring decisions. It asks for full compensation histories, boss ratings, true reasons for leaving jobs, likes and dislikes in jobs, a self-appraisal, and many more revealing questions.

Most importantly, it also it contains a built-in “Truth Serum”. It contains a clear statement in the initial instructions your applicant sees (and, at your option, in other steps in the process) as follows:

“Prior to receiving a job offer with our organization, you may be required to arrange personal personal reference calls with former bosses.”

C Players often drop out when they see this statement. This is good, because you don’t want to hire them anyway. However, A Players eagerly apply, because they are happy to arrange those reference calls, knowing that previous bosses will sing their praises.

If you’d like to learn more about this great advancement in hiring technology, just click on the big button below for a free, no obligation trial. In just a few seconds, you can be trying the Topgrading Snapshot out so you can see, first hand, what it can do for your organization.

Topgrading Snapshot Free Trial

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your FREE TRIAL includes TWO FREE WEEKS USE OF TOLS, INCLUDING TOPGRADING SNAPSHOTS. That gives you two weeks to test drive our online solutions for yourself, to enjoy the benefits of saving time and inviting only the best candidates in for interviews, and to see how easy it is to use TOLS. When you sign up, you’ll receive your own TOLS site and a link to view our GETTING STARTED WITH TOLS video so that you can make the most of your free trial. Again, the trial period is free, with no obligation to buy, so free to use TOLS for all candidates, for all jobs!

For example, suppose you ran an ad, received 300 resumes, skimmed through them, and decided 50 appeared to be worth pursuing. You use the Topgrading Snapshot’s automated mailer to send the 50 thank you notes, asking candidates to apply. The truth serum scares away 20 C Players, and 30 others complete the Topgrading Career History Form. As soon as a candidate pushes the Submit button, you receive both the completed multi-page Topgrading Career History Form and the Topgrading Snapshot. After studying just a few Topgrading Snapshots, you can literally zoom through them and in seconds decide if you want to proceed with the candidate. If so, it’s worth your time to read the full Topgading Career History Form. Let’s look at two “real” Topgrading Snapshots, with names changed, to see how just the most important information you need is shown.


The image above is the Topgrading Snapshot of a real person (with the names changed of course). The Topgrading Snapshot visually portrays the most important information from the completed Topgrading Career History Form. Note that the years go across the bottom and Erik Dorsman was with the same employer from 1997 until 2012. This shows solid longevity – Erik is certainly no job-hopper!

Compensation is on the vertical axis, and shows Erik’s comp moving higher across his career. He has steadily earned more and more money – one mark of a high performer. We can see from his current compensation whether Erik is in about the right compensation range for the job being filled. If he is way too high or too low, he might be an A player, but just not a good candidate for this job.

The Topgrading Snapshot also shows you the reasons for leaving an employer. Erik’s chart indicates that he has left two employers, and both are shown as an A – 100% his choice, which of course is another mark of a high performer.

Finally, the Topgrading Career History Form requests boss ratings and Erik says that his bosses would all give him Very Good or Excellent overall performance ratings – an indication that he is an A player.

Here’s a very different Topgrading Snapshot:


At a glance, you can see that John Doe is quite a job hopper, looking to join his 6th employer in a decade. You can also see that he thinks his bosses would give him low overall performance ratings and there are too many questionable reasons for leaving. In contrast to Erik Dorsman, John Doe would probably not be a good fit for a company seeking A players.

One of the best aspects of the Topgrading Snapshot is that you can see at a glance if you are interested in a candidate. In a matter of minutes you could screen maybe 30 Topgrading Snapshots and pick out just the 5 or 6 that look to be the most impressive.

You’ll save hours and hours of studying resumes and pre-screening candidates on the phone. Not only do you save a lot of time, but more importantly, you will invite only the very best candidates in for interviews. By screening out C players and attracting A players, you will definitely hire more high performers.

For information about the Topgrading Snapshot for Hourly Employees, click HERE.

In addition to the one-page Topgrading Snapshot, this “best in class” online software also offers a wealth of other forms and guides that can be printed to make a complete interview and reference checking solution … all pre-populated with the information your candidate has entered into their Career History Form and pre-validated by the injection of the Topgrading “truth Serum”. These documents include:


To download fully-populated samples (.PDF files) of each of the forms and guides that are part of the Topgrading Snapshot Solution, click on the links below:

Important Note: Different web browsers handle downloads and file storage in different ways based on the browser’s settings. To control how these files are stored or displayed on your computer, right click on any of the links below and select from the menu that is made available to you by your browwser.

Download A Sample of The Topgrading Snapshot

Download A Sample Topgrading Career History Form & Sample Topgrading Snapshot

Download A Sample of The Topgrading Reference Check Guide

Download A Sample of The Topgrading Interview Guide

Download A Sample of The Topgrading Competency Questions

So … if you are ready to see what the industry’s best talent acquisition and retention tool can do for your company by experiencing it for yourself in a no-obligation, free trial…

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your FREE TRIAL includes TWO FREE WEEKS of our Topgrading Online Solutions, which includes SNAPSHOTS. That gives you time to “test drive” the site for yourself and learn how it works.  We provide full access to TOLS and a tutorial to get you started. There’s no additional obligation … other than the one you should feel to want the best solution for your company’s hiring needs.

Here’s how our pricing models work.

(1) Free Trial – We start you off by giving you two weeks’ access to you own TOLS site, which includes all our tools as well as the Topgrading Snapshot free of charge.  We want you to try the tool out without any obligation and make sure it will work for your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to give use feedback during your trial – we love to talk to our clients.

(2) After you have tried the Topgrading Free Trial and you’ve decided it’s the right tool for your organization, you have two options for deploying it within your organization:

(a) Unlimited License – This option is certainly the preferred program to use for organization-wide deployment. It allows you to use not only the Topgrading Snapshot at the lowest possible cost, but also ALL of our other licensed tools. This includes complete access to other Topgrading Online Tools such as the Topgrading Interview Guide (pre-populated with the data in your candidate’s Topgrading Snapshot — downloadable and printable as a .PDF file); the Topgrading Telephone Screening Guide; and the rest of the complete Topgrading Online Solutions family of hiring tools. All of these are included in the unlimited licensed model.

(b) Topgrading Starter Kit – If you’ve tried the Free Trial and like what you’ve seen with the Topgrading Snapshot and its companion tools … and … if you feel you’re ready to try a wider deployment in your organization, but you’re not quite ready to dive into the deep end of the pool by securing an annual unlimited usage license for all of our products (including the Topgrading Snapshot and all the associated forms and guides), we’ve got a special “Starter Kit” option to let you use everything on an unlimited basis for two full months, to make sure it’s everything you need.

Topgrading Starter Kit

After your FREE TRIAL, we will discuss these usage and pricing models to configure a customized plan that best meets the needs of your organization. Obviously, an unlimited license model is the least expensive approach, providing you with access to ALL of our tools at one low price.

So … that’s the The Topgrading Snapshot. Now, it’s up to you! Just give the Topgrading Snapshot a FREE TRIAL and see how well it can work for your organization. You will be up and running in about two minutes. The only thing you have to lose is all the money your next mis-hired employee will most certainly cost your company!

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We look forward to hearing about your great results and answering any questions you may have about the Topgrading Snapshot and keep in mind that it’s just the “tip of the iceberg” as far as the products and services that Topgrading, Inc. and Topgrading can offer your organization.

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