How to Make Hiring Easier and More Successful

TOLS Snapshot

Clients complain that the various hiring tools (tests, etc.) don’t seem to work very well, and they spend a HUGE amount of time screening low performers that create fictitious resumes and BS-ers who did the same. But there, finally, is a “Dream Come True” hiring tool! One that can screens candidates FAR better than any test or other screening tool on the planet…Topgrading Online Solutions, also known as TOLS, including the Topgrading Snapshot shown above.

Tell me this – BEFORE even talking with a candidate, how would you like to…

  • screen out low performers and people who lie in interviews?
  • know a candidate’s full salary history?
  • know how every boss would rate their overall performance?

Ta Da! Your dream has come true, and its easier than you would think to get started.

The TOLS Topgrading hiring software is a state of the art tool to give you clear insight into every candidate being considered for the job. The candidate fills out a form and the first thing hiring managers and HR look at is the Topgrading Snapshot, the picture (snapshot) that tells you at a glance, the most important information to screen the best candidates in, and the low performers out. To read more about how you can Topgrade every prospect, visit our site to learn more.

Scott Clawson, CEO of Culligan, says this about TOLS software:

“The TOLS software is AMAZING! Why? Because it achieves all the “dream-come-true” benefits of prescreening a candidate. The Topgrading Snapshot is easy to set up and use. Candidates simply fill out a special form and, bingo, you get a clear perspective of the whole picture of the candidate.”

Start hiring better today with Topgrading!

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