Hiring Methods

The Only Powerful Reference Check Method Gets Even Better

Introduction Topgrading created the most powerful method of reference checking and this article adds some important twists to make the process even easier and better. As you know, weak candidates frequently get away with hyping their accomplishments and strengths and hiding their weaker points and failures, and this leads to costly mis-hires. Low performers create …

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“I Can’t Find Good Candidates!”

Introduction:  Despite the slowww recovery, with stubborningly high unemployment and underemployment, clients large and small complain that they just are not finding enough A Player candidates. Fortunately there ARE solutions. (This article is focused on the U.S., but many of the proposed solutions will apply throughout the world). The Problem(s):  Some researchers say there really …

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How to Topgrade Those Pesky Millennials

Introduction: For starters, stop referring to them as “pesky” or … spoiled, overly entitled, lazy, self-centered, lacking in loyalty, lacking in resourcefulness, afraid of accountability, hard to manage, and pesky (oops, already said that). Topgrading, Inc., clients all over the world are struggling to cope with “Millennials” — employees mainly in their twenties.  To lessen …

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