Top Ten Lies Candidates Tell

Concept of lie with couple with long nose

Recently I summarized a Fortune article on a study showing 58% of candidates lie on their resume. Here is another article listing the 10 most common lies candidates use on their resume and in interviews. None will surprise you.

The big problem everywhere is that it is socially acceptable to fib in order to get a job. Candidates know they can get away with lying because reference calls are (almost) worthless. This results in managers all over the world reporting that over 50% of the people they hire turn out to be disappointments and only 25% turn out to be high performers.

Blogs aren’t supposed to sell stuff, but Topgrading has the best way to smoke out the BS-ers and low performers. Its been proven at leading companies for more than 3 decades. Watch this hilarious 90-second video on the BEST candidate screening tool ever. The Topgrading IP is inserted in company application forms and tells candidates that the final step in hiring is for THEM (not you) to arrange reference calls with bosses and others. This “truth serum” has worked to scare away undesirable candidates over a million times.The Topgrading IP asks for salary history and boss ratings and both turn out to be amazingly accurate BECAUSE candidates know they will have to arrange reference calls.

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