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Expert Assistance for Your Most Critical Hires

Companies need top performers at the senior leadership level who initiate, execute, inspire and embody the company’s culture. CEOs engage our Topgrading Professionals, each with experience interviewing thousands of executives and leaders, to assess candidates when the cost of a hiring mistake is high.

Candidate Selection is Our Core Competency.

Our assessments help clients get these critical hires right over 90% of the time. We take the guesswork out of complex hiring decisions and replace it with structure, rigor, solid data, and analysis.

Topgrading is a key strategy in our business plan that has helped generate the majority of our profits. Our growth would not have been possible without Topgrading.

Ken Griffin

CEO, Citadel

Because of Topgrading's coaching and methodology, I have been able to attract, hire, coach and retain exceptionally talented candidates. I strongly encourage you to make Topgrading an indispensable part of your leadership toolbox.

Bruce Smith

Chairman & CEO, Detroit Manufacturing Systems

The most valuable management skill a person can have is the ability to produce high-talent teams.  That’s why Topgrading's approach should be a top priority process in your organization.

Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO, Pritchett LP

Without Topgrading, E*TRADE would have gone under. Topgrading helped us survive and flourish.

Paul Idzik


We’ve been with Topgrading for 9 months now, and so far retention has been 100%, saving us a lot of money.

Milo Boyce

Manufacturing Manager, Fastco Industries

Topgrading has definitely made two companies I’ve run more profitable.

Scott Clawson

CEO, Culligan
reviewing a candidate job scorecard

Step 1: Job Scorecard

An organized, structured hiring approach starts by painting a clear picture of success. We begin any engagement by thoroughly analyzing your business, your culture, and the specific role objectives. We then create a detailed Job Scorecard - a list of measurable accountabilities, core values, and behavioral competencies that describe a person who will perform at a high level  in the role.

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Step 2: Deep Candidate Insights

The keystone of a Topgrading Assessment is the signature Topgrading Interview, conducted with all finalists for the job. This process surfaces thousands of data points about the candidate, which we use to accurately identify patterns of strength, weakness, habit, values, and performance.

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deep candidate insights
calling candidate reference checks

Step 3: Candidate-Arranged Reference Calls

A key element of the Topgrading Assessment is the Candidate-Arranged Reference Calls. Clients let candidates know in advance that they will be asked to arrange reference calls with recent managers and often a couple of peers and direct reports. This step, particularly planting the seed early, encourages candidates to be transparent.

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Step 4: Candidate Analysis

We analyze the rich, full data unearthed by the Topgrading Interview in relation to the Job Scorecard criteria. This allows a uniform, rigorous analysis and an accurate conclusion as to whether a candidate will be a high performing addition to the team and a great fit for your culture.

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Hundreds of organizations rely on Topgrading Leadership Selection to make the right decisions for their most critical roles.

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