Topgrading Candidate Analysis

The Value is in the Careful Analysis of Candidate Data

Candidate Analysis reveals a person’s patterns – which ultimately reveal the truth about performance. Patterns enable hiring managers to clearly understand a person’s competencies and behaviors, what circumstances the person might be stronger or weaker in, and how to best manage the person.

Performing candidate analysis before the Candidate-Arranged Reference Calls is beneficial because:

  • Data can inform additional questions to ask the candidate prior to reference calls
  • Results can identify which people you should ask the candidate to contact to arrange reference calls
  • Analysis can spotlight what information is most important to gather from references

Bad hires occur when hiring managers rely on gut instinct instead of systematically analyzing all relevant data collected during the hiring process.  Once this step is completed, the candidate-arranged reference calls will be much more on target.

The Topgrading Process

Topgrading Job Scorecard - A list of measurable accountabilities, core values, and behavioral competencies that describe how a person is performing in their role.

Topgrading Interview -  the signature Topgrading Interview accurately identifies patterns of strength, weakness, habit, values, and performance of job candidates.

Candidate Arranged Reference Calls - Candidates know in advance that they will be asked to arrange reference calls with recent managers and often a couple of peers and direct reports.

Candidate Analysis - A uniform, rigorous analysis and an accurate conclusion as to whether a candidate will be high-performing addition to the team.

Candidate data is collected from:

  • Resume
  • Topgrading Career History Form
  • Topgrading PreScreen Snapshot
  • Telephone Screening Interview
  • Competency Interviews
  • Tandem Topgrading Interview
  • Other informal interactions

See Topgrading in Action

Why Topgrading?

The single most important driver of organizational performance and individual managerial success is human capital. The Topgrading methodology infuses the hiring process with honesty, thoroughness, and verifiability of candidate information.

Talk to an advisor to see how Topgrading can help you in your candidate selection process.

Our hiring methodology help clients get critical hires right over 90% of the time.

Improve your hiring success with Topgrading. The Topgrading methodology will transform your hiring process by increasing the number of A player hires and decreasing the number of mis-hires. Our leadership and candidate assessment tools will help you assess, hire, retain, and grow high performing teams. Contact us to learn more about the Topgrading approach to hiring and start achieving better hiring results now!

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