Topgrading Candidate-Arranged Reference Calls

Confirm Patterns of Performance

A powerful tool in the Topgrading methodology is the final step in the hiring process: candidate-arranged reference calls.

While candidate-arranged reference calls are done at the end of the process, they should not come as a surprise. These should be mentioned at the very beginning of the hiring process – it should even be on your website’s career/jobs page – and stated as a reminder during every step leading up to the final interview.

How it works:

Candidate-arranged reference calls should be announced at all stages of the hiring process from the very beginning. The tandem interviewers will choose which references they want to reach out to after the final interview. High performers will provide the necessary contact info and interviewers will call the references. Once complete, the team will compare notes and make any final decisions.

Candidate-arranged reference calls provide multiple advantages, such as:

  • Employee development – calls provide candid insights and can be used to help employees move smoothly into their next job.
  • Verification – discussions with former managers and others will add credibility to the information provided throughout the hiring process.
  • Ease – it can be difficult for hiring managers to get former supervisors and others to talk, but high performers can arrange for those personal discussions.

Learn more with our blog on How to Get Candidates to Arrange Reference Calls with their Managers.

The Topgrading Process

Topgrading Job Scorecard - A list of measurable accountabilities, core values, and behavioral competencies that describe how a person is performing in their role.

Topgrading Interview -  the signature Topgrading Interview accurately identifies patterns of strength, weakness, habit, values, and performance of job candidates.

Candidate Arranged Reference Calls - Candidates know in advance that they will be asked to arrange reference calls with recent managers and often a couple of peers and direct reports.

Candidate Analysis - A uniform, rigorous analysis and an accurate conclusion as to whether a candidate will be high-performing addition to the team.

Why Topgrading?

When candidates know reference call is a requirement from the beginning, they will either be organically deterred or attracted to the position. This is an efficient way to sort low performers (who usually drop out of the race) and high performers (those excited by the thought of their former bosses singing their praise).

Talk to an advisor to see how Topgrading can help you in your candidate selection process.

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