Hundreds of companies have improved their hiring success from 26% to 85% high performers with Topgrading.

Topgrading is a key strategy in our business plan that has helped generate the majority of our profits. Our growth would not have been possible without Topgrading.

Ken Griffin

CEO, Citadel

Because of Topgrading's coaching and methodology, I have been able to attract, hire, coach and retain exceptionally talented candidates. I strongly encourage you to make Topgrading an indispensable part of your leadership toolbox.

Bruce Smith

Chairman & CEO, Detroit Manufacturing Systems

The most valuable management skill a person can have is the ability to produce high-talent teams.  That’s why Topgrading's approach should be a top priority process in your organization.

Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO, Pritchett LP

Without Topgrading, E*TRADE would have gone under. Topgrading helped us survive and flourish.

Paul Idzik


We’ve been with Topgrading for 9 months now, and so far retention has been 100%, saving us a lot of money.

Milo Boyce

Manufacturing Manager, Fastco Industries

Topgrading has definitely made two companies I’ve run more profitable.

Scott Clawson

CEO, Culligan

Full Topgrading Integration Leads to Dramatic Improvement and Success

Improved from 33% to 94% A Players hired and promoted throughout the company.


“Best Company” awards attract A Players.


“Topgrading has been the foundation to help us attract, hire, and retain A Players."
- Larry Maxfield, CEO


Improving Talent for Non-Profits

Improved from 25% to 95% A Players hired and promoted to upper management positions.


$50 million more raised the following year


"Topgrading saves lives."
- Cass Wheeler, CEO (retired)


High Performing Talent Leads to Stock Improvement

Improved from 51% to 96% A Players hired/promoted in management (AVP and above).


15%+ compounded stock performance since Topgrading


"Argo is more successful as a company because Topgrading has resulted in a higher percentage of A Players." - Mark Watson, CEO


Topgrading All Levels to Build a Successful Business

Used Topgrading when opening a new facility to hire A Players at all levels.


Career History Form improved efficiency in narrowing down hundreds of applicants.


"A common compliment from guests is, ‘You have some of the best people working for you.'"
- Tim Heronimus, Principal

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Strong Hiring Methods for International Growth

With Topgrading, 85% of all salaried employees hired and promoted have turned out to be A Players.


"Our double-digit international market share growth in recent years would not have been possible without Topgrading."
- Tim Tevens, CEO


Topgrading Boosts Company and Career Success

85% A Players in all corporate jobs


EBITDA improved from $47 million to $88 million in 4 years


“At least half my career success is attributable to Topgrading and Brad Smart’s counsel.”
– Scott Clawson, CEO, Culligan


Topgrading Improves Culture and Prevents Company Closure

Improvement from 25% to 75% A Players in upper management


A Players improve company culture and attract more A Players


Improvement from 10-year performance of -20% to 3-year performance of +150%


“Without Topgrading, E*TRADE would have gone under. Topgrading helped us survive and flourish.” – Paul Idzik, CEO

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Topgrading Lifts a Major Company Out of Bankruptcy

74% A Player managers hired, 85% A Players promoted


EBITDA improved from $157M to $193.3M.


"The company emerged from Chapter 11 one of the strongest automotive suppliers, and Topgrading contributed to that success. I urge you to Topgrade so you too can get an edge on your competition."
- Curtis Clawson, President, CEO, and Chairman, Hayes Lemmerz (Retired)

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Unmatched Talent and Retention in Restaurant and Retail Industry

Cost of mis-hires pre-Topgrading estimated at $28k for entry-level employee, $320k for store manager


Improvement from 25% to 89% A Players hired throughout the company


Sales growth from $60 million to $80 million


“Topgrading is the turnkey hiring process that guarantees we select the right people that will follow our processes, embrace our culture, and delight our guests.”
– Ken Shiller, CEO


Established Insurance Company Reaches New Heights

A Players hired and promoted improves from 25% to 85%


Stock performance improves from 5.4% average return to 17.5%


Startup Topgrades to Success

90% of people hired turned out to be A Players


Business was sold after 2 years for $166 million


"If I hadn’t Topgraded, would have failed. With Topgrading I sold the company to Intuit for $166 million."
– Aaron Patzer, Founder and Owner


Topgrading Boosts Sales at Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Cost of one mis-hired sales rep before Topgrading estimated at over $1 million


Improved from 33% to 75% A Player sales representatives hired


"Although in the 2008 Recession all sales forces in the industry were selling less, I’m confident that our Topgraded sales force sold much more than if we hadn’t Topgraded."

- Pat Jones, Regional Sales Director

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