The Topgrading Hiring Solution provides hard-hitting, powerful coaching and developmental planning, as well as succession planning.

We Teach Managers to Coach and Develop their Team

Listing their strengths and weaknesses will help the new hire to develop their IDP. With your commitment to coaching the new hire to achieve their IDP, you help to foster an environment of high performers.

Topgrading Professionals Coach the New Hire They Interviewed

Topgrading professionals have always met with new hires they interviewed. This allows the candidate to gain valuable feedback and developmental suggestions from their Topgrading interviewer and benefit from the knowledge of what actions actually maximize development, learned from thousands of professional Topgrading Interviews.

Topgrading Professionals Assess and Coach Executives for Succession Planning

CEOs have another use for the assessments and coaching by Topgrading Professionals: succession planning.

We provide a professional opinion on the current abilities and career potential of each member of their team, including:

  • How they may perform 5+ years down the road
  • Which managers may be better suited for a narrower position
  • What developmental activities will maximize the manager’s strengths, and minimize their shortcomings

We have analyzed the careers of thousands of senior managers and executives and have developed a wealth of insights as to what developmental activities are important for managers to both maximize their strengths and minimize their weaker points.

The Coaching Process

The Topgrading Coaching Process is similar to our Interview methods, however all “reference checks” are internally conducted with executives, peers, and direct reports.  The steps are:

  • Topgrading interview with the manager (5 hours)
  • Confidential interviews with higher, peer, and direct report managers
  • Survey tailored to the manager (to get hard numeric ratings on key competencies)
  • Assessment report to CEO/HR
  • Feedback with the executive resulting in an Individual Developmental Plan – IDP
  • Quarterly follow up – manager meets with their manager and HR to review progress on the IDP

Conducting the internal assessment and coaching process is highly credible. Managers participating in it pay a lot of attention to the conclusions and developmental recommendations because the process is so thorough.

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