Implement Topgrading Methods

Without Topgrading, E*TRADE would have gone under. Topgrading helped us survive and flourish.

Paul Idzik


Implementation Planning. We immerse ourselves in your business and culture to gain a deep understanding of your hiring successes. Together, we create a hiring process that retains what has worked while incorporating new Topgrading methods.

We integrate Topgrading software with your current system to ensure implementation is organized and runs smoothly.

We design ways to measure implementation success and quality of hire. Like you, we believe in the principle “What gets measured, gets done”.


Boost Recruitment. Before implementing selection methods you need applicants – the more the better, so that you can use Topgrading to hire the cream of the crop. In times when applicants are scarce, we share the methods clients say work best. Hint: a common method is to repeatedly ask your employees, especially the A Players, to nominate A Players they know.


Job Scorecards. An organized, structured hiring approach starts with a clear picture of success - a list of measurable accountabilities, core values, and behavioral competencies that describe A Player for a specific role in your company.  We help get your Job Scorecard library started while teaching managers how to create Job Scorecards for everyone on their teams.

Applicant Screening -- Use the PreScreen Snapshot to screen all applicants. Most screening tools are easily faked, but that is impossible with our tool because it incorporates a time-tested method that produces applicant candor.

Learn More about applicant screening

Best Interviewing Practices. Interviews are infamous for not revealing enough about candidates, especially their weaknesses and experiential gaps, leading to mis-hires. We train managers to effectively execute phone/video screens, focused competency interviews, and in-depth Topgrading Interviews. A full day of training is devoted to coaching attendees to conduct the Topgrading Interview, the only interview proven to reveal all the candidate's strengths and weaker points.

Thorough Verification – Reference calls with managers. Mis-hires occur, in part, because of weak verification of what candidates said.  Asked for references, candidates give you friends. Talking to HR departments gets you basics like dates and job titles. With Topgrading finalists, you will talk with managers that candidates reported to and with no phone tag.

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