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Hiring Solution Implementation

The Topgrading Hiring Solution is conceptually simple, but deceptively powerful.

Implementing Topgrading and making it part of your organization’s culture takes a thoughtful plan and a strong commitment from the top. Human Resources does the heavy lifting in implementation, and gets deserved credit for improving talent. However, everyone knows that the CEO is ultimately responsible for standards of performance, so the CEO has to reinforce a new "high performer" standard for hiring. Why? The head of HR is a peer of others in the C suite, so if a peer wants to coast along with a “25% high performers is good enough” standard, it’s the CEO who must step in. Our Topgrading experts have helped hundreds of companies implement Topgrading from top to bottom.

Implementation Process
The following steps occur during a typical Implementation Process of the Topgrading Hiring Solution:

  • 1

    Two people – usually the CEO and head of Human Resources – attend a public Topgrading Workshop. Some large companies instead choose an internal Topgrading Workshop for HR managers, so they are the first to understand and can answer questions about Topgrading.

  • 2

    Topgrading Professionals conduct a 2-3 day immersion in the client’s industry, business model, culture, and current hiring processes and hiring results. We then create a tailored plan to implement Topgrading.

  • 3

    The client licenses Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS), which is integrated with their Applicant Tracking System.

  • 4

    Initial Topgrading Workshop(s) are conducted for senior leaders and HR, and then for all remaining hiring managers. Trained managers immediately use Topgrading methods to hire and promote people.

  • 5

    CEOs commonly ask Topgrading Professionals to interview candidates for top jobs, where a mis-hire could be extremely costly; this assures almost all A Players hired while managers are getting trained and getting experience conducting Topgrading Interviews. Topgrading Professionals have the advantage of having conducted thousands of Topgrading Interviews.

  • 6

    Topgrading Professionals periodically consult with the client to verify that Topgrading methods are being used, measure the hiring and promotion results, train trainers, and offer webinars as refreshers on the 12 components of the Topgrading Hiring Solution.

Why trust Topgrading, Inc. with such an important organizational change?

This isn't our first rodeo.

Topgrading has refined our hiring and development methods through four decades of working with companies of all sizes. In the most varied companies imaginable, all the managers have learned to pack their teams with high performers, the company is more successful, and the culture of A Players attracts more A Players, assuring an "unfair advantage" over competitors.

  1. Unprecedented, unparalleled results. If you want to know how good a sports team is, you first ask for their win/loss record. Forgive us for repeating, proof that Topgrading is best: at the average improvement in hiring HIGH performers is from 26% to 85% and the CEOs say in their own words that Topgrading made the company more successful and more profitable. No other hiring instrument or vendor we are aware of has even one case study claiming such drastic improvements and CEO praise.
  2. Unmatched credentials. Our founder and CEO has written 5 books on hiring, and the 3 editions of Topgrading have all been best sellers. Only Topgrading has the unmatched case studies because only Topgrading has solved three of the biggest hiring problems - inaccuracies in candidate resumes and interviews, poor verification of what candidates tell you, and unrevealing interviews.
  3. Decades of experience. Topgrading, Inc. does not hire twenty-somethings to follow scripts.  Our Topgrading Professionals, and Certified Topgrading Trainers within companies, have 10+ years of experience conducting Topgrading Workshops, interviewing finalists for top jobs, and coaching executives to become A Players at higher levels.
  4. Play big and small. We’re proud to have developed methods easily adaptable to Global 1000 companies, tiny start-ups, and mid-size firms.
  5. User-friendly methodology. The Topgrading methodology is proven and practical, easy to follow, and organized.  It’s a structured, repeatable process based in common sense, not theoretical psychology.
  6. Self-correcting. We coach the company through a complete roll-out, teaching “early warning systems” to fix things if there is slippage. We install measurement of two things – one is the degree of discipline following the methods, and the other is results.  Conscientious discipline always produces great results.

But there rarely is "slippage." We've refined and simplified every method so that everyone "gets it" and an increasing percentage of high performers reinforce Topgrading methods, disciplines and A Player values.

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