Our Vision

Our vision is to Topgrade the World. Why? Because about half of all people hired turn out to be disappointments … and that hurts companies, it hurts the mis-hired people, and it hurts every manager who struggles more to achieve business goals. Despite amazing technological innovations in the world, hiring methods have never been better than Poor … until Topgrading.

We believe that Topgrading truly is the best, most effective, most proven hiring method ever created. Dozens of named case studies show average improvement from 26% to 85% high performers hired, with all the CEOs saying in their own words that Topgrading made the company more profitable.

Our goal is for Topgrading to be the accepted best practice for hiring and promoting people throughout the world. The result will be improved performance from small and large companies, for-profits and NFPs. With Topgrading, more organizations will survive, grow more rapidly, hire more people, and contribute to stronger economies.

And an implication of Topgrading the world is to make life better for managers.  We know that tens of thousands of Topgrading managers have experienced a career boost due to learning the skills to double and triple their hiring success.

We Need Passionate A Players

We are growing and need high performers with experience in technology and professional services. You will have the opportunity to help shape the future of talent management, improving the lives of individuals and the health of organizations, and contribute to a better world.

We are always looking for great people in every role; Consultants, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service, and Administration

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Top 4 Reasons to Join the Topgrading, Inc. Team

  • 1
    To have a career, not a “job.”

    The Topgrading Vision is to “Topgrade the World,” to become the most respected and used hiring method. To achieve that the company will have to skyrocket in size, so there will be unlimited career growth opportunities. Of course, with career growth, compensation grows too.

  • 2
    To “save the world.”

    Topgrading CEOs say Topgrading made the company more profitable … so they survive, flourish, and hire more people. Topgrading assures more successful careers, since managers create A teams that get better results. Nothing is more important for company and individual success than talent, and Topgrading is the most powerful lever for both.

  • 3
    To Have Fun.

    Being part of a rapidly growing company can be very exciting. Topgrading, Inc. is not just another software startup – it’s a highly respected professional services company that launched a software division that has the most proven hiring success rate, a world-class platform, and hundreds of loyal customers.

  • 4
    To be entrepreneurial.

    Large companies have many advantages, but typically the bureaucracy, politics, and restrictions on creativity frustrate people with entrepreneurial instincts. Topgrading, Inc. needs entrepreneurs – creative, resourceful professionals who like to flex and change to take advantage of opportunities.

The Topgrading Story

Topgrading, Inc. is an internationally renowned consultancy to many Global 1000 companies, but also to hundreds of small, midsize, and growth companies.

The company was founded by Dr. Brad Smart, who completed his Ph.D. in organizational psychology at Purdue University, entered consulting, and after two years launched Topgrading, Inc. (formerly Smart & Associates, Inc.), based in the Chicago area.

The company for decades was a professional services company, interviewing candidates for C-suite jobs and coaching leaders at the top.  In the 1990s something dramatic happened: at General Electric under Jack Welch managers were trained in Topgrading and did the Topgrading Interviews themselves (as we continued interviewing for top jobs).  GE became the most valuable and respected company in the world.  Since the GE case study was released in 2000, hundreds of companies, big and small, have asked us to broaden our professional services offering to include training their managers and consulting with them as they implement the Topgrading Hiring Solution.

Naturally, Topgrading, Inc. had to create a new division – technology.  Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS 3.0) makes Topgrading easier and better.  TOLS 3.0 can integrate with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  A recent innovation, the Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot enables companies to begin Topgrading at the resume stage, before talking to a candidates.

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