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The way to coach and keep A players is through tailored development plans that focus not just on improving their strengths, but address their vulnerabilities that could sabotage their success. Investing in helping these individuals grow and succeed is a key component of the Topgrading methodology.  And don't forget about A player potentials. Development plans help individuals grow and improve skills in their current job and can also prepare them for future leadership roles.  Building your bench internally will open a talent pipeline for filling future roles.

The Topgrading Methodology takes into account crucial competencies based on how difficult it is to change. Topgrading assessment tools identify blind spots and weaknesses and the development plan focuses on those competencies that are most amenable to change.  For example, some of the core competencies that are relatively easy to change include, risk taking, organization, planning communication, customer focus, and goal setting.

Below is a summary of the Topgrading process for auditing and promoting people in support of leadership team development:

  1. Train operating and HR mangers in the Topgrading hiring process.
  2. Choose Topgrading interviewers from different parts of the company.
  3. Have the interviewee complete the Topgrading Career History Form.
  1. Solicit feedback from peers, direct reports and boss(es).
  2. Supplement with a 360-degree email survey.
  3. Write an executive summary.
  4. Coach the manager.

Job Audit and Promotion Tools from Topgrading

Job Scorecard - A list of measurable accountabilities, core values, and behavioral competencies that describe how a person is performing in their role.

Topgrading Interview - This process surfaces thousands of data points about the team which we use to accurately identify patterns of strength, weakness, habit, values, and performance.

Team Feedback - Feedback from team members and peers provides valuable insights into strengths, weaknesses, and career potential.

Analysis - Analyzing the data from the Topgrading Assessments in relation to the Job Scorecards provides a uniform, rigorous analysis and accurate conclusion as to the performance of the leader and the team.

The best way to audit current talent and to promote people who succeed is...Topgrading!

Brad Smart

See Topgrading in Action

Why Topgrading?

Topgrading methods are an excellent way to conduct job audits, identify internal talent, and assess candidates for promotion. We have analyzed over 100,000 jobs, so we know the competencies needed to succeed in them. We leverage this data in combination with an assessment of each individual’s specific strengths and areas needing improvement to craft tailored development plans. In this way, we ensure each individual has what they need to succeed in their role.

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Talk to an advisor to see how Topgrading can help you identify, assess and promote internal talent.

Improve your hiring success with Topgrading. The Topgrading methodology will transform your hiring process by increasing the number of A player hires and decreasing the number of mis-hires. Our leadership team development tools will help you assess, hire, retain, and grow high performing teams. Contact us to learn more about the Topgrading approach to hiring and start achieving better hiring results now!

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