Topgrading Online Edition

$999.00 for 1 year

The Topgrading Training Video offers the industry’s best video program on hiring A Player talent. Each DVD spells out each Topgrading step in high definition with quality graphics to provide a valuable tutorial on Topgrading within your organization.

Price is for 1 year for up to 5 users.

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The Topgrading Training Video is the total learning package to hire and promote 90%+ high performers. It is used by A Players and management teams to master Topgrading on their own. And it is used by trainers and consultants to train managers. At your leisure watch the seven hours of high-definition, exciting demonstrations of all the interviews — telephone screening interview, competency interview, tandem Topgrading Interview, reference check interview, and post-hiring coaching interview.  The online Training Video also includes access to our online Topgrading Workbook.

Learn All 12 Topgrading Steps Including:


  • Calculating your pre-Topgrading hiring and promoting success (“only 25%”) and costs of mis-hires (“higher than I thought — 6 times base salary”), the powerful measurements that motivate the team to Topgrade
  • Creating a Job Scorecard (because vague job descriptions cause mis-hires)
  • Building Your Recruitment Networks (the best, cheapest, and fastest method to recruit)
  • Using the Topgrading Career History Form (with its powerful “truth serum” to save a huge amount of pre screening time and get much better candidates in to interview)
  • Screen candidates with the Topgrading Snapshot.  Even before talking with a candidate you learn their full compensation history, how bosses actually rate their overall performance and much more.
  • Conducting Topgrading Interviews (the “Holy Grail” of hiring and promoting, the single tool most accounting for 90% hiring and promoting success)
  • Mastering Advanced Interviewing Techniques (demonstrated by the master himself, Brad Smart)
  • Getting Candidates to Arrange Reference Calls with Bosses (they do the work and you talk to the most important references — bosses and others you choose to talk with)

Price is for 1 year for up to 5 users.

This Topgrading Training Video contains a video/dvd series and access to the online Workbook only. It does not include the additional books offered in the Physical Edition nor the Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS) software.

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