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Welcome to Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS), the online hiring tools that solve the biggest problems you face hiring people.

Problems, Problems!

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As you know, resumes are incomplete and too often are deceptive, so you waste valuable time studying hundreds of resumes, trying to determine which are truthful and wishing they contained more of the information you want...

Topgrading Career History Form

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Our Topgrading Career History Form features the Topgrading “truth serum," which assures honest information from applicants. This “truth serum” has worked for decades and is quite simple: It informs candidates that a final hiring step is for THEM to arrange reference calls with their former managers and others...

Topgrading Snapshot

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This one-page, multi-color snapshot of an applicant's career depicts his career history: whether he is a job hopper, if his comp is in the right range, how former bosses would rate him, and the his reasons for leaving a company...

Topgrading Interview Guide

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You will be guided through the candidate’s total career. For every job you delve into each success, failure, key decision, and key relationship. The Topgrading Interview Guide...

These simple but effective online solutions solve the three biggest hiring problems faced when building successful staff. The “truth serum” has motivated candidates to be honest for decades, and now is “injected” into the instructions to the online Topgrading Career History Form. With candidates motivated to tell you the whole truth, why NOT ask them key questions online, so that you can glance at their Topgrading Snapshot and screen people in seconds. And with the best candidates being interviewed and motivated to tell you the whole truth, why NOT ask them about every success, failure, decision, and relationship in the Topgrading Interview? Finally, to be very sure what candidates told you and to be sure your conclusions about them are accurate and objective, why NOT ask candidates to arrange reference calls? telephone tag since they email you the references’ mobile phone numbers and availability.

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Your FREE TRIAL includes TWO FREE WEEKS USE OF TOLS, INCLUDING TOPGRADING SNAPSHOTS. That gives you two weeks to test drive our online solutions for yourself, to enjoy the benefits of saving time and inviting only the best candidates in for interviews, and to see how easy it is to use TOLS. When you sign up, you'll receive your own TOLS site and a link to view our GETTING STARTED WITH TOLS video so that you can make the most of your free trial. Again, the trial period is free, with no obligation to buy, so free to use TOLS for all candidates, for all jobs!

How To Purchase Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS) & Topgrading Snapshot

After you have used your free trial of the Topgrading Snapshot, enjoy these options for deploying it in your organization:

Starter Kit

If you feel you’re not quite ready to invest in an annual unlimited usage license for our TOLS products (including the Topgrading Snapshot and all the associated forms and guides), use the special “Starter Kit” option to access everything on an unlimited basis for two full months.

Topgrading Starter Kit Information

Unlimited License

This option is certainly the preferred program to use for organization-wide deployment. It allows you to use TOLS hiring tools for all jobs. And you get not only the Topgrading Snapshot at the lowest possible cost, but also access to all of our other Topgrading tools, such as the auto-populated Reference Check and Topgrading Interview Guides.

This option is usually best because it allows all candidates for all jobs to complete the Topgrading Snapshot. This allows fast screening using the Topgrading Snapshot, making sure that you will only need to study the best candidates’ Career History Forms in detail. Then, you’ll only invite the very “best of the best” in for in-person interviews.

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Topgrading Starter Kit

Ready to continue Topgrading? If you’ve enjoyed a free trial of the Topgrading Snapshot and tried
out your two free tokens, continue your evaluation of Topgrading by deploying the entire Topgrading
Suite of products for your company for two months. Please complete the information to the right so
that someone can contact you to discuss your needs and providing additional information about the Starter Kit.