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Two Questions That Reveal if a Job Candidate is a High Performer

Having furloughed or laid off employees, is your company finally inching back into hiring people?  When you crank up hiring, will hiring just “okay” performers be good enough or do you really want to hire high performers? Our research over the years shows two things: If you are a CEO, hiring manager, head of HR, […]

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How to Get Candidates to Arrange Reference Calls with Their Managers

In the first blog of this series, which focuses on how to get top results when working with outside recruiters, I recommended that you require all recruiters to inform the candidates they present to you that as a final step in hiring, the candidates will arrange reference calls with managers they reported to. In this […]

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Using Phone Interviews to Improve Recruitment

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80% of the roughly 1,000 CEOs we have spoken to on the subject say they do not get their money’s worth when working with outside recruiters. In this blog series, I’m sharing my tips on how to get much better service when you use executive search firms, contingency recruiters, and staffing companies. My first tip […]

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Working with Recruiters to Improve Your Candidate Pool

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A lot of companies, understandably, do not trust contingency recruiters to screen candidates because they don’t ask candidates for mistakes, failures, or weaker points,  and instead hype successes, accomplishments, and strengths. Companies wanting to do their own candidate screening might contact five or six contingency recruiters to just send them resumes. As a result, many […]

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How To Get Top Performance From Outside Recruitment Firms

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Are you disappointed by your experience with outside recruiters? In this three-part blog series I’ll refer to the recruitment industry as consisting of Executive Search Firms (which are paid up to 35% of first year compensation regardless of whether you hire someone they present), Contingency Recruiters (only paid if a candidate is hired), and Staffing […]

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HR Executive’s “Traits Leaders Need” Needs More

Josh Bersin is an excellent columnist for HR Executive, and the publication’s recent article, 8 Traits HR Leaders Need to Succeed Today, is worth reading, not just for HR leadership positions but all leadership positions in all companies. Bersin met with a dozen industry leaders to discuss HR business partnership, and the article summarizes their […]

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Should Candidates “Game the System” to Get a Job?

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This blog is for job seekers, candidates for hire. All my career has been devoted to helping companies hire almost all high performers. This blog takes the candidate point of view – what is the best approach a job seeker should take when applying? Should you try to outsmart a company’s hiring system? If you […]

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How to Ace Job Interviews

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Job hunters, this blog is for you! The economy is opening up and millions of people are unemployed. If you will be job hunting or have any friends or relatives who will be, you might pass this blog on. A recent Wall Street Journal article (The Surprising Strategy for Acing a Job Interview) offers some […]

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17 Words to Turbo-Boost Your Career

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If you’re a Topgrader you already know this unique Topgrading “secret.” If not, you can start turbo-boosting your career by conveying to candidates, before anyone in your company talks with them, these priceless 17 words. Do this and you will dramatically improve your success hiring high performers. I’ve personally conducted 6,500 in-depth interviews of candidates […]

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Lessons from the Pilgrim Pandemic

As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, many comparisons are being made to past pandemics and crises. For this week’s blog, I want to bring you back to what I think is one of the most powerful stories of perseverance and unity in American history. When the Pilgrims were trying to make their […]

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