Do You Have 75% Good Hires…Or 25%?

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There is frequent confusion when Topgraders talk with non-Topgraders:

Topgrader: “Research shows that 75% of people hired (even in leading companies) are mis-hires.”

Non-Topgrader: “I don’t believe it!”

Topgrader: “What percent of the people you’ve hired turn out to be mis-hires?”

Non-Topgrader: “I’ve had 25% mis-hires, not 75%.”

The confusion lies completely with semantics, and this blog will clear it up fast. Let’s use this rating scale to rate the overall performance of a candidate: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

We at Topgrading™, Inc. have asked tens of thousands of not-yet Topgrading™ managers to rate their hires, and here are the results:

  • Excellent and Very Good: 25%
  • Good: 50%
  • Fair or Poor: 25%
  • So the non-Topgraders say 75% of their hires are Good or better.

However, Topgaders think differently:

“Wait a minute, non-Topgrader. When you have a candidate that has been reviewed by six bosses, not one would say they would rate the candidate Excellent in overall performance, and not one would say they would rate the candidate Very Good. However, all six bosses rate the candidate Good. Is Good really good enough for you to hire the person? Based on the above definition, would the Good performer be disappointing at best? And after a couple of years on the job if that person has not been an Excellent performer, and not even Very Good, is ‘Good’ good enough for you?”

For Topgraders, who achieve hiring 75% Very Good or Excellent performers, the paradox is: GOOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Whether for a top executive or entry-level clerk, if for the same salary an Excellent performer or Good performer can be hired, why settle? Why choose the person who is not as energetic, not as good working with people, and not as resourceful in preventing or correcting problems?

What do you think? Are Good performers good enough?

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