A’ Player Competencies & Characteristics

'A' Player Characteristics

A previous blog provided practical definitions of an A Player.  In this blog we’ve aggregated the competencies clients have required in job scorecards.  Here is that list:

A Players tend to be:

  • Smart, intellectual and business savvy
  • Driven to succeed; passionate
  • Trustworthy
  • Consistent high performers
  • Adaptable to adjust to many different personalities
  • Surround themselves with high performers 
  • Very hard workers
  • Resourceful; overcome obstacles
  • Effective leaders
  • Down-to-earth, well-grounded, self-aware, humble

The most important competency is resourcefulness — never giving up and always finding ways around, through, or over barriers to success.  A Player CEOs show resourcefulness in all aspects of their job.  A Player stockers in grocery stores constantly tell their department managers their ideas for stocking more efficiently and for serving customers better. Anyone mediocre in resourcefulness is just doing the job and taking a pay check.

They might be a Good overall performer, but rarely Very Good or Excellent.

A Player CEOs and Stockers are never just GOOD.

Topgraders (www.TopgradingCaseStudies.com) achieve 85%+ high performers, A Players, in ALL jobs.

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