Using Topgrading To Scale Your Business With Shamit Khemka

In this episode of Talent Wins, Chris Mursau is joined by Shamit Khemka, Founder and CEO of SynapseIndia, to talk about how the Topgrading methodology helped him scale his company. Shamit discusses the benefits of Topgrading, including transparency, clarity, and feedback, how Topgrading has transformed over time, and his advice for building a company of A players.

From the Desk of Brad Smart: You Cannot Believe Resumes

Are you mis-hiring people because they “fooled you?” Of course you have. Years ago we all thought that social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) would force people to NOT exaggerate their successes and hide failures when job hunting. Guess that didn’t work! We all know now that exaggerations are extreme. As you’ve read, people become anxious and depressed when they “see” that their life is not as perfect as everyone else’s.

Year in Review — Assembling an Incredible Team To Help Your Company Scale with Chris Mursau and Chad Franzen

In this episode of Talent Wins, host Chris Mursau is interviewed by Chad Franzen of Rise25 to reflect on the past year and pull out the most interesting podcast stories. Together, they look back on the best practices for interviewing, hiring, setting team goals, and developing strong company culture. Plus, Chris gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the new year! 

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