Biggest Hiring Mistakes Companies Make

hiring mistakes

The Wall Street Journal ran a major article enumerating the many hiring mistakes MOST companies make.  Most are mistakes Topgrading has chronicled over the years.  For example, the article says most companies measure COST TO HIRE and SPEED TO HIRE but fail to measure Quality of Hire, actual hiring results.  We favor measuring the percent high performers hired.  Bottom line, most companies quickly and inexpensively mis-hire most of the time.

Unfortunately, the WSJ article is short on fixes.  They do suggest that Human Resources should, when hiring for entry-level jobs, pay more attention to ability and knowledge tests.  That’s all?

Fortunately, Topgrading has all the fixes.  The proof they really are fixes is at  In our dozens of case studies, you’ll read documented improvement in hiring from 26% to 85% high performers. And all the CEOs say in their own words that Topgrading made the company more successful.  In the body of the case studies, CEOs and heads of HR say exactly what are the Topgrading methods that fixed their hiring mistakes.

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Click here for a fun article about a Topgrader who just bought the most expensive house in US history.  And click here for a 10-second testimonial on how valuable Topgrading has been to that Topgrader, Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel.

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