MOST Candidates Lie on Their Resume

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Good grief, more than half of all candidates LIE on their resume! A Fortune article reports a study that out of 2,000 people, 58% of the candidates lied on their resume. And over 70% in the financial services industry, by the way. The rather obvious advice by the author of this article is to read resumes carefully. The study showed that prior to the recession only 33% of interviewers took more than 2 minutes to read resumes, and because of rampant lying the figure rose to 42%.

Huh? Less than half of interviewers take more than 2 minutes to read resumes. Additional advice is to compare the resume to LinkedIn profiles. That advice is time consuming if you try to do it internally, and using a resume research company gets expensive and just verifies company names and universities.

The author misses a huge fact: It’s easy for C Players and BSers to write A Player resumes! They know they can get away with fudging the truth because reference checks are perfunctory. Carefully reading resumes of true A Players and true fakers is not much of a solution!

Blogs aren’t supposed to sell but sorry, Topgrading has the best way to smoke out the BSers and low performers. It is the obvious solution to this problem. It’s been proven at leading companies for more than 3 decades. The Topgrading IP is inserted in company application forms and tells candidates that a final step in hiring is for THEM (not you) to arrange reference calls with bosses and others. This “truth serum” has worked to scare away undesirable candidates over a million times. And the Topgrading IP asks for salary history and boss ratings and both turn out to be amazingly accurate BECAUSE candidates know they will have to arrange reference calls.

If you need Topgrading to help weed out the liars, learn more here or just give us a call. We are happy to help.

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