Consistent, Thorough Assessments + Job Scorecards Ensure Retainment of High Performers

In a challenging recruitment and retainment landscape, employers must utilize tools, processes, and resources certain to hire, retain and promote high performers at all levels of the organization. 

A vital key in building a team of A Players is to use these practices throughout every step of the employment journey – by every member of the management team – continuously and consistently. It’s a tall order, particularly when attempting to implement an entirely new philosophy and methodology on your own. 

Work smarter, not harder 

Putting rigorous and comprehensive hiring practices in place eliminates the cost of bad hires. But what about the cost of turnover and missed leadership opportunities of current employees? 

That’s where a Job Scorecard comes in. When done right, it allows management to hire the right person – and then use its valuable data for the entirety of their employment. 

Hiring A Players means having a team that thrives on feedback. Job Scorecards inform employee assessment and provide insight that support high performers and leaders to reach their full potential and make the organization stronger overall. When employees receive continuous, consistent feedback they apply the information to set and embrace their own goals. 

Management can follow progress from candidacy to succession planning objectively with Job Scorecards – without having to re-invent the wheel each time. 

Ingrained in culture 

Successful leadership team development relies on ingrained process and philosophy in the hiring and retainment culture of an organization. Management needs regular training, technology and support to ensure all are on the same page when making employment decisions. 

It’s a complex process. Implementing on your own, in bits and pieces, takes time – do you have the time to do it all by yourself? 

Topgrading experts will ease the burden and help build out your team with A Players. At Topgrading, we consult and/or manage every step of the way, from hiring to succession planning with integrated technology and years of proven success, we’ve got you covered. 

We work hard so that you and your team can work smarter. Contact us to learn more about our professional services. 

Topgrading can help. Contact us today to learn how we can cut down or eliminate the cost of mis-hires and find the right people for the right roles in your company.

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