From the Desk of Brad Smart: Ken Griffin Praises Topgrading

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin embraced Topgrading in the early 2000s. A few years later the company had blossomed, and Ken was nice enough to record over an hour of praise for Topgrading. The video is a bit old, but there is no expiration date for Topgrading! We cut it down (click here to view the video) to ~ 2-minutes (so it’s a bit choppy). Just as Jack Welch praised Topgrading and GE became the most valuable company in the world in the 1990s, Ken has created the most valuable hedge fund in history. Today, Citadel has $350 Billion under management, and Ken is listed among America’s wealthiest people.

After citing how Topgrading helped mega companies become super mega companies in the first three editions of Topgrading, I have to say small and mid-size companies are our specialty and main focus. Why? Because just a couple of preventable mis-hires can sink them. A current Topgrading success story is Culligan – click here to read the full case study. Scott Clawson took Culligan from a small company to $400 million and now it’s close to $3 billion and growing rapidly.

It’s gratifying to see that when CEOs are super diligent about implementing Topgrading, the results inevitably follow … and that point is made clear in Ken Griffin’s video.

Dr. Brad Smart is Founder and CEO of Topgrading, Inc. Topgrading is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes maximize the hiring of high performers. Topgrading assesses candidates for senior positions (where the costs of mis-hires are high) and trains all managers to create teams of almost all high performers.

Brad has seven published books on hiring; the most recent three (the first, second, and third editions of Topgrading) were all best sellers. Brad, and President Chris Mursau’s new book, Foolproof Hiring (Forbes Books), is available for purchase by clicking here. After just six weeks, Foolproof Hiring, achieved Amazon Best Seller status.

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