A Good Performer Ain’t Good Enough!

woman being interviewed by man and woman

We at Topgrading, Inc. assess managerial talent and train others to do it.  And we have software that motivates candidates to accurately guess how all their bosses would rate their overall performance on this scale:

Very Good

Literally millions of managers of candidates have been asked to rate their former employee’s overall performance and here’s the good news:  Candidates accurately guess boss ratings.  And here’s a valuable insight:  Candidates whose bosses rate them Excellent and Very Good turn out to be high performers, A Players.

And here is an insight that might surprise you and help you avoid costly mis-hires: Candidates rated Good turn out to be under-performers, disappointments… costly mis-hires.

Think of it this way, you ask a candidate how all her bosses would rate her performance and she responds:

“Hmm.  None of the 7 managers I’ve had would rate my performance Excellent.  And hmm, I don’t think any would rate me Very Good.  Nope.  I’m pretty sure they would all rate me Good!  Yup, Good!”

Does this candidate sound like an A Player?  No way!  What Topgraders do is scrutinize candidates so much that they hire only those rated Excellent or Very Good. This goes for retail cashier or CEO candidates.  Whatever the job, only “Good” employees lack the energy, relationships with co-workers, dedication, passion, and resourcefulness that Very Good and Excellent performers have.

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