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Do you feel the pain of hiring too many people who turn out to be disappointments? I’m sure you do, but in this blog, I’ll give you a free, powerful way to hire high performers. It’s called the TORC Technique.

My entire career has been devoted to helping managers hire better. I’ve conducted over 60,000 mini case studies, asking managers how they hire and what results they’ve gotten. And the average success hiring high performers is only 25%. For managers like you, who want to hire HIGH performers at every compensation level, that means 75% of the people you hire turn out to be bad hires.

Here is my promise to you: Take the free, simple and powerful advice in this blog and you will hire much better this year. It’s the Threat of Reference Check (TORC) Technique. Topgraders achieving 80%+ high performers all use it. You can learn the TORC Technique in the next 5 minutes, use it today and forever, and you will solve two of the biggest problems hiring: candidate dishonesty and worthless reference checks.

The tens of thousands of managers we’ve interviewed or surveyed say they have been misled by candidates. When applying for jobs, candidates “put their best foot forward,” which is fine… but when mediocre performers hype their strengths and hide their weaker points to portray themselves as high performers, you lose.

  • 40% of candidates lie on their resume and in interviews, confident they’ll get away with it because…
  • Verification of candidates’ claims is lame – hiring managers like you are almost never able to do reference calls with the managers candidates have reported to.

So, of course you’ve been misled by some candidates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a screening tool that eliminated the low performers who BS in their resumes and interviews?

We at Topgrading discovered our methods, including the TORC Technique, four decades ago, enabling hundreds of companies to triple their success hiring high performers. We trained thousands of managers at one company (General Electric in the 1990s) and they became the most valuable company in the world. And startup entrepreneur Aaron Patzer launched Mint.com, used Topgrading to hire 90% A Players, and sold Mint.com for $170 million. Hundreds of thousands of managers have created their A Teams using Topgrading methods and enjoyed more successful careers.

The TORC Technique: Simply let candidates know that a final step in hiring is for THEM to arrange reference calls with managers they reported to (and others of your choosing).

You just injected a powerful “truth serum” into your hiring method. Low performers drop out; they know they’ll never get their bosses to talk with you and the candidates wouldn’t want them to for fear those managers would say negative things about them. This saves you time and money – 25% of hiring costs for some companies.

You get the most honest and valuable verification of what candidates claimed:

  • After your various interviews, if candidates want to move forward and you want to continue the hiring process, ask candidates to arrange reference calls with managers they reported to (and anyone else you choose).
  • No phone tag!
  • A pattern of rave reviews of your candidates will confirm the positives…
  • Or if reference checks with bosses reveal significant negatives, no job offer will be made.
  • You enjoy the luxury of hiring the best of your finalists.

You can communicate the TORC Technique in phone interviews, but if you want to save 25% of hiring costs, use a screening tool you can send to candidates, so the TORC Technique works before anyone talks to the candidates. Check out www.PrescreenSnapshot.com to start your free trial.

Improve your hiring success with Topgrading. Our proven hiring process will transform your selection methodology so that you get better hiring results.  Our leadership and candidate assessment tools will help you assess, hire, retain, and grow outstanding team members. Contact us to learn more!

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