2022 Hiring Solutions: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Current pandemic-related hiring challenges have created a fiercely competitive environment for organizations looking to hire talent. Trends include offering higher salaries and plentiful perks – but will it be enough to fill vacant roles with high-performing employees?

Considerations for 2022 hiring


Candidate market

Just as it’s a seller’s market in the housing industry, it’s a candidate’s market in the world of hiring. Companies are pivoting on the fly as they continuously re-evaluate their recruiting and retention programs to attract and retain top talent.

Labor shortages

Currently, employee supply-and-demand greatly favors  job applicants. The highly competitive environment means candidates can demand more from current or prospective employers.

Company growth

Companies are experiencing significant growth while still recovering from COVID-related layoffs, job losses and the ‘Great Resignation’. Struggling to keep up with a limited crew, priorities have shifted to streamlining their application and decision-making process while still trying to find top talent.


hiring challenges for 2022


High Numbers of Unqualified Applicants vs. Top Talent


When you manage to get applicants, too often they are under-qualified or completely unqualified. Plus, with companies looking to move fast not to lose candidates they are ‘short-cutting’ their traditional processes resulting in hiring bias and even more bad hires than before; and pre-COVID hiring success for most wasn’t that great.

If you have ever wondered just how much a bad hire can cost your business, you may want to take a look at our mis-hire calculator.

Hiring solutions with Topgrading


Stay competitive and hire high-performers – A Players —  in 2022. Topgrading offers solutions that are proven to reduce – and even eliminate – bad hires and inefficiencies in hiring and retention. Despite the current challenges, you will build a dream team of top talent.

The Topgrading tools and processes together are a proven hiring methodology for recruiting, hiring and developing high performing teams. Hire more A players and decrease the number of mis-hires with Topgrading.  Contact us to learn more about the Topgrading hiring process and start achieving better hiring results now!

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