HR is Failing!

The McKinsey studies have chronicled the steadily dropping respect top executives have for HR, and a recent HR Magazine does more of the same.  Fortunately, Topgrading offers one of the easiest, most powerful opportunities for HR to earn greater respect.

In the August 1, 2012 issue of SHRM’s HR Magazine, highly respected Edward Lawler III has a devastating article for HR professionals, entitled Creating Effective Human Capital Strategy.  He reports on the 6th survey he’s done of HR executives and concludes, “Our research finds that HR executives are often not strategic partners” … with the business leaders, and “deceive themselves” into thinking they are, when in the final analysis, “All too often the HR function is largely an administrative function.”  As it relates to Topgrading:  “Missing almost entirely are …”  important metrics on “quality of talent” and “implementing change.”

In the past, Topgrading a company (improving talent with Topgrading methods) had to be driven by the CEO or other business leader.  Not any longer.  With the release of the Topgrading Snapshot ( HR can quietly improve talent without making a big deal out of it.  By simply administering the Topgrading Career History Form, which produces the Topgrading Snapshot, weak candidates drop out, strong candidates become eager to be interviewed.  These tools solve the 3 biggest problems in hiring: dishonesty in resumes and interviews, incomplete information, and lack of useful reference checks.  Immediately business managers are impressed because they are interviewing better candidates, and HR gets the credit.

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