MarineMax is one of the biggest boat dealership companies in the world, using Topgrading for hiring all employees. The dealer general manager job (store manager) is a crucial role and using Topgrading, the company improved from 25% high performing store managers to 95%.

In a nutshell, Topgrading involves a) letting candidates know THEY have to arrange reference calls with former bosses b) a thorough chronological Topgrading Interview covering every job, and c) reference calls (arranged by the candidate), to verify that everything the candidate said was true.

CEO Bill McGill: “Topgrading has absolutely been a game changer for our company. Topgrading will be key in our culture forever. We do not hire a store manager unless a Topgrading Interview is performed. Our average boat sold is about $110,000, so you can’t afford to hiccup on it. B and C Player managers cost us a million dollars because they don’t close the big sales.Our biggest challenge rolling out Topgrading was convincing regional managers to take the time – maybe 3 hours – for Topgrading Interviews of store manager candidates. But they learned quickly that their 75% mis-hires cost them days, weeks, and months trying to salvage low performers, so why not spend the time, peform due diligence up front and make sure you’ve done it right. A Player interviewees love the process, too.”

SVP Talent and Team Development Dr. Ray Bowman: Our HR Department benefits from Topgrading because it dramatically reduces mis-hires; consequently HR spends very little time dealing with low performers. Terminations are negligible because when managers fail to perform what they committed to, they quit before being terminated. Topgrading saves HR a lot of time screening candidates. Candidates fill out the Topgrading Career History Form, (our application with Topgrading IP embedded) and in it they are reminded that they have to eventually arrange reference checks. So low performers drop out and we only process honest, high producing candidates.”

MarineMax executives’ advice to would-be Topgraders:

  • Topgrade all jobs.
  • Use Topgrading Professionals to assess candidates for top jobs, where mis-hires are extremely costly.

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