One Topgrading Snapshot Saves $20 Million

We at Topgrading Inc., think the Topgrading Snapshot is the best candidate screening method on the planet – a zillion times easier and better than screening candidates from their resume, tests or any interviews (except the Topgrading Phone Screen).

But get this: The owner of a private company had a prospective candidate in mind for a global CEO job, which would lead the company (with 15 divisions) through major changes. He said that the Topgrading Snapshot showed that the candidate to be a job hopper with declining performance. The candidate was rejected, and a mis-hire was avoided that would have cost him $20 million or more.

Here’s how it works: A candidate completes our copyrighted career history form (usually blended into the company application form). Our IP contains a “truth serum” that has literally worked with millions of candidates; they really do tell the truth on the form and in interview. The client gets the completed form but first scan the Topgrading Snapshot, a multi-color picture of the candidate’s career. Culligan CEO Scott Clawson states, “The Snapshot is a fantastic screening tool. It takes zero time of a manager to use it, it causes low performers and fakers to drop out. Even before interviewing candidates you know their salary, if the they have been job hopping, and most important- you know how all their bosses have rated them.”

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