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Maintain Control of the Interview (Part I)

Just about every book on how to get a job says that interviewers are so bad at interviewing (that’s generally true) that to get a job offer, interviewees must take control of the interview to tell interviewers how good they are. And the books advise candidates to prepare self-promoting sound bites. Those books advise that, […]

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Topgrading Derails Presidential Bid

BRAD’S STRANGEST INTERVIEWS: A TOPGRADING INTERVIEW DERAILS A RUN FOR PRESIDENT Want to listen to this? As you will soon understand, all names have been changed. A charismatic CEO asked me to help him turn a company around and his 5-year goal was to run for, and become, President of the United States. I was […]

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A Players are NOT Necessarily Promotable

Almost every leader I’ve interviewed has promoted people who were high performers in their current job but failed when promoted. Years ago, a popular business book was The Peter Principle (by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull), a book that painfully documented how common it was to promote people to their level of incompetence. “She […]

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CNBC.com – Topgrading

Click here to see an article quoting me (and mentioning two Topgrading companies) on the subject of ranking employees and firing the bottom X%.  In the 3rd Edition of Topgrading I devote four pages to explaining that GE does NOT fire a predetermined percentage, despite what Jack Welch seems to imply!

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HR is Failing!

The McKinsey studies have chronicled the steadily dropping respect top executives have for HR, and a recent HR Magazine does more of the same.  Fortunately, Topgrading offers one of the easiest, most powerful opportunities for HR to earn greater respect. In the August 1, 2012 issue of SHRM’s HR Magazine, highly respected Edward Lawler III […]

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