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Should Candidates “Game the System” to Get a Job?

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This blog is for job seekers, candidates for hire. All my career has been devoted to helping companies hire almost all high performers. This blog takes the candidate point of view – what is the best approach a job seeker should take when applying? Should you try to outsmart a company’s hiring system? If you […]

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How to Ace Job Interviews

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Job hunters, this blog is for you! The economy is opening up and millions of people are unemployed. If you will be job hunting or have any friends or relatives who will be, you might pass this blog on. A recent Wall Street Journal article (The Surprising Strategy for Acing a Job Interview) offers some […]

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17 Words to Turbo-Boost Your Career

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If you’re a Topgrader you already know this unique Topgrading “secret.” If not, you can start turbo-boosting your career by conveying to candidates, before anyone in your company talks with them, these priceless 17 words. Do this and you will dramatically improve your success hiring high performers. I’ve personally conducted 6,500 in-depth interviews of candidates […]

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Lessons from the Pilgrim Pandemic

As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, many comparisons are being made to past pandemics and crises. For this week’s blog, I want to bring you back to what I think is one of the most powerful stories of perseverance and unity in American history. When the Pilgrims were trying to make their […]

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How to Interview Candidates Virtually

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We at Topgrading have been interviewing virtually for years for clients outside of North America. During the past few years technology has become so reliable that clients and candidates have increasingly favored virtual interviews. The costs are lower and it’s a lot easier to reschedule if there is a problem. Our experience has given us […]

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How to Create a Resilient Organization During the Pandemic

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Human Resources Executive magazine published an article by Josh Bersin entitled “4 Ways to Build Organizational Resilience.” I partly agree with his four points, but I think he missed some important ones such as: resilient organizations need, more than anything, a high percentage of high performers, A Players, who get results. Here are Bersin’s points: […]

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Hiring A Players is Easier in Down Times

When so many people are downsized, furloughed, and laid off, hiring seems like a low priority item. Like you, my wife and I know of dozens of people we interact with who are out of work, whose lives are more than disrupted – many are devastated. We are all looking for positive thoughts during the […]

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Human Resources Praised for Contributing to Company Success, Even During Economic Downturns

During the health crisis, is there any good news for businesses? Yes. Human Resources is rarely praised for improving a company’s success overall. But it happens with companies that Topgrade, even during economic downturns. Canadian accountancy LLT, LLP is an example of how HR can shine, and an organization can succeed even during a crisis. […]

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When Hiring Has Slowed, It’s More Important to Use Best Practices

When you’re suffering through the agony of downsizing, the last thing you might be thinking of is hiring methods. But please, think again. You will be hiring a few people before a major hiring push when the economy rebounds. They might be replacements for normal turnover, replacements for high performers competitors pirated or hires to […]

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Topgrading Receives Top Recruitment Software Award from HR Tech Outlook

CHICAGO, March 24, 2020 – Topgrading is pleased to have been named one of HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Recruitment Solution Providers of 2020. The article highlights the Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot, the screening tool that accurately shows candidates’ performance ratings at past jobs, and Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS), the platform which enables companies to easily […]

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