How to Prevent Promoting People Who Then Fail

Almost every leader I’ve interviewed has promoted people who were high performers in their current job, but failed when promoted. Years ago a popular business book was The Peter Principle (by Laurence Peter), a book that painfully documented how common it was to promote people to their level of incompetence.

Job Descriptions Suck – They Cause Your Mis-Hires

Job Descriptions are often so vague that they lead to preventable mis-hires; Job Scorecards, with measurable accountabilities for everything including competencies, prevent costly mis-hires. Exit interviews have for decades resulted in a common myth: companies conclude that the low performers they fired are just making excuses when they say their failing was because, “They never …

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Do You Have 75% Good Hires…Or 25%?

There is frequent confusion when Topgraders talk with non-Topgraders: Topgrader: “Research shows that 75% of people hired (even in leading companies) are mis-hires.” Non-Topgrader: “I don’t believe it!” Topgrader: “What percent of the people you’ve hired turn out to be mis-hires?” Non-Topgrader: “I’ve had 25% mis-hires, not 75%.” The confusion lies completely with semantics, and …

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