My Take on eShares “How to Hire” Principles

fotolia_95994141There are a lot of hiring myths floating around! Henry Ward, Founder and CEO of eShares, gave the following presentation at the eShares Town Hall in November 2015.

I do NOT agree with most of Ward’s hiring principles listed below and here is why:

Principle 1: Hire for Strength vs Lack of Weakness

What a stupid belief! You want to hire for both strengths and lack of serious weaknesses. Topgrading is the only method that reveals weaknesses, and this is why Topgraders achieve 85%+ high performers hired.

Principle 2: Hire for Trajectory vs Experience

Sure, hire promotable people, but every company needs a lot of A Players – workhorses – who neither want, nor will qualify for, promotions.  Many companies in the go-go years of the 1900s hired WAY too many promotable people and ended up firing most when the company could not promote so many.

Principle 3: Hire Doers vs Tellers 


Principle 4: Hire Learners vs Experts

What? DON’T hire experts to do jobs requiring a high level of expertise?  Absurd! Hire both.  These days’ people don’t remain experts unless they are learners, too.

Principle 5: Hire Different vs Similar

Yes, “enrich the mix” of talent, but I’m certain eShares has mostly people who are similar in that they are smart, creative, think out of the box, and are team players.  Diversity is a plus, but unfettered diversity can produce teams of wackos.  Plenty of Silicon Valley start ups failed because of the incorrect assumption that different is always better. It isn’t.

Principle 6: Always pass on ego

Bad choice of words. Of the thousands of successful managers I’ve interviewed, 100% have a strong ego. I’d say always pass on very arrogant, out-of-control,  egotistical know-it-alls.

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