The testing industry is huge

The testing industry is huge – thousands of companies pay a lot of money to administer tests to candidates for hire.

  • Why? Simple – many studies show that more than 50% of resumes contain hype, fiction, and lies.
  • Why? (I sound like one of my grandkids) Simple – because reference checks are almost worthless.
  • Why? Because companies don’t allow their managers to take reference calls.
  • Why? Because if a manager says negative things about a candidate you have, and that candidate finds out, that candidate might sue you, go to EEOC (“discrimination” on the basis of age, gender, race, pizza favorites, whatever).

Because candidates easily write A Player resumes, how can you tell the true As from the fakes?  You can’t (unless you use Topgrading), so you’re desperate and hope that screening candidates out who do not achieve scores on tests is a good idea.

Tests can be useful, to test actual knowledge or abilities (knowledge of SAP or whatever).  And personality tests can be useful AFTER someone is hired … so they are honest when taking the test and the use is for seminars on communications or team building (“Amiable, how can you best work with the Analytics over there?”)

Do you “believe in” personality tests.  It’s understandable.

  • Why?  Because you go on line, take a test for free, show the results to a friend, and that friend says, “Wow – that profile is accurate.”

But personality tests with cutoff scores (candidates achieve a score or they don’t get an offer) are, in my experience, scams and shams. They eliminate as many A Players as C Players and because of that personality tests do not improve your hiring, are NOT just neutral, but are actively harmful. The “case studies” are very much in doubt to me because when I read the “validation” manuals, the results are too poor to produce the positive results.

  • Why? Here we go again. Despite the assurance that the test has a built in lie detector, I’ve never seen one that works.
  • Why? Simple:  You’re a job candidate.  Just think of someone who would clearly be an A Player and pretend you’re that person when entering answers.
  • Are there other ways to cheat? Sure, go to and for a few bucks you can take just about any test and then get coached on how to score better. On the home page, they quote someone who brags about achieving the best score the administrator had ever seen, after being coached. But that’s dishonest.
  • Why? Enough of the “whys!”

MY OFFER TO YOU:  Send me the validation manual for your personality test and (no charge) I’ll send back to you why it’s likely to be deceptive … and I’ll explain how you can honestly “test” your test at no expense.  (Email me at )




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