The #1 Most Important Competency: Resourcefulness


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In hiring interviews, what is the #1 competency you should focus on?  The competency that correlates highest with candidates who turn out to be A Players? It’s not what common “research shows.”

If you Google “most important competencies”,  you will see research in which managers were asked to rate competencies for their perceived importance in various jobs. Typical results are: “leading effectively”, “strategic perspective”, and “interpersonal skills”. None of these are the most important competency to focus on.

Dozens of Topgrading™ professionals have used a better research model. We have correlated 50 competencies with actual hiring results. These results show which competencies most account for candidates turning out to be “A Players” on the job. Dozens of case studies show that focusing on RESOURCEFULNESS as the the most important competency, pays off with improved quality of hires.

Resourcefulness is a combination of drive, passion, analytic ability, decision making, perseverance, resilience, and energy that, when applied, snatches success out of the jaws of defeat.  Resourcefulness is figuring out how to get over, around, or through barriers to success, and then doing it. Resourcefulness is the opposite of coasting along, giving up, running to bosses to solve problems, whining, making excuses, and then giving up some more.

All “A Players” are very resourceful.  This fact is revealed in every response to every question Topgraders ask in the chronological interviews. These interviews cover the successes and mistakes in every job the candidate has held. Even when candidates discuss a job 15 years ago, they reveal RESOURCEFULNESS today. For example, if a candidate says, “My mistake was not researching what competitors were doing, and I was blind sided; since then I’ve gotten really deep insights into competitors and have beat them” … this suggests that the manager is more RESOURCEFUL today.

“A Players” are very strong in dozens of competencies … and the engine driving those strengths is RESOURCEFULNESS, the single most important competency for interviewers to focus on.

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