The MOST Important Competency

For over 40 years, more than two dozen Topgrading professionals and thousands of managers trained in Topgrading have scrutinized up to 50 competencies for high-level jobs – and approximately 10 competencies for entry jobs. For professional positions (sales representative, engineer, etc.) and EVERY managerial position, the most important competency is RESOURCEFULNESS.

ALL high performers are high in resourcefulness, and I’ve never interviewed an A Player who is NOT high in resourcefulness. It’s that important! Resourcefulness is a combination of drive, determination, analytic, skills, and creativity. It’s figuring out how to get over, around, or through barriers to success. It’s not giving up.

In the Topgrading Interview, candidates are guided in a walk down memory lane, starting with the education years and then 16 questions about every job. In Topgrading Workshops and in the 3rd edition of Topgrading I stress this: Every time the candidate utters a word about ANYTHING that has occurred in the past, look for evidence of resourcefulness. By the way, when the candidate says, “I was immature and a goof-off during my school years, and regret wasting opportunities to do things, to make things happen,” what do you conclude? Is the person saying, “I’m a goof-off today?” No, that candidate is promising that when discussing jobs, you’ll see indications of RESOURCEFULNESS. And particularly when interviewing a candidate about recent jobs, either be convinced that his is motivated to overcome obstacles to success, or pass on him!

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