Topgrading Saves Lives (really….sort of)!

woman holding heart during sunset

Topgrading helps companies survive, grow, and make money.  The CEOs of the dozens of case studies at say Topgrading has made their companies more profitable. Great!

The hundreds of thousands of A Players who were hired with Topgrading tell us they love joining A teams, and their career is more successful because of it. Great!

However, it was particularly gratifying when Cass Wheeler, then CEO of American Heart Association, said, “Topgrading saves lives.”

Here is how: Cass believed that non-profits like AHA should embrace the same best practices that for-profit companies use, and he made a strong case in his book “Have a Heart”. A lot of non-profits hire mostly B and C Players because they generally offer lower pay, and are satisfied with employees that believe in their mission (regardless if they are a low performer).

“Nonsense,” laments Cass! He believes the same as all  Topgraders – instead of having 3 As, 6 Bs, and 3 Cs on a team – all paid low salaries – Topgrade and have just 6 As.  You can afford to pay higher salaries that are on a par with the for-profits.

AHA used Topgrading to hire A Player managers at all levels, and A Players as fund raisers. In the first year of Topgrading, AHA raised an additional $50 million, largely devoted to raising awareness that the #1 killer of women is NOT breast cancer, but – you got it – heart disease.

As a result women have learned the facts and adjusted their wellness habits accordingly, leading to a decline in mortality due to heart disease. Many organizations share the credit, but we’re proud that Topgrading might have helped just a little, save some lives.

Read The Case Study Here.

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