Topgrading the Government: BusinessWeek Features Geoff Smart

Government needs A Player business leaders! I’m the proud dad of Geoff, who has a large company that uses Topgrading methods and who has done pro bono work in government. With only 8% of national and state government leaders having business experience, that simple fact tells a LOT about why government is so dysfunctional. Geoff’s Leadocracy is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, and it features both Republican and Democrat governors who are making their states successful (tax revenue up, businesses attracted, crime down, better education, etc.) … all using conservative principles. But the point is, these governors attract not just “business people,” but A Player business leaders who come in and replace bureaucrats with no accountability, no goals, no appreciation of talent, and lousy results. These governors bring in sharp business leaders who set goals, hold people accountable, and create cultures to ACHIEVE results. Geoff, who has been in state level cabinet meetings, has told me, “Running a state as governor is no more or less difficult that running most billion-dollar companies.”

All the governors have Geoff’s book, and as the BusinessWeek article suggests, the vast majority of successful business leaders would rather chew on crushed glass that work in … “phew! — government.” Geoff makes the case and in Washington last week inspired eight A Players to commit to a stint in government.

Hey Business Leader, Why Not Give Government a Try?
By Diane Brady, October 15, 2013

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