Access Development 185 Discount Programs 33% 94% Three levels of internal Topgrading certification ensure integration in the company culture "During the last three years of the recession we continued to grow revenue. We’ve been one of Utah’s fastest-growing companies, and we’ve won multiple awards as a best place to work." - Larry Maxfield, CEO 500+ Digital Marketing n/a 96% Three-year growth rate of 454% “With Topgrading, we recently avoided 14 mis-hires that would have cost us millions of dollars.” - Ryan McElrath, CTO/COO
American Heart Association 450 Non-Profit 25% 95% $50 million more raised in the next year for AHA programs "Topgrading saves lives." - Cass Wheeler, CEO (retired)
Argo 1300 Insurance 51% 96% Sales increase from $200 million in 2000 to $3 billion in 2020 "Argo is more successful as a company because Topgrading has resulted in a higher percentage of A Players." - Mark Watson, CEO
Automation-X 59 Oil & Energy 20% 92% Achieving goal of 70% annual growth “Productivity is much higher, which allows us to compete price-wise with our competitors, and we are gaining market share.” - Dan Schultejann, CEO
Azura Memory Care 220 Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Centers n/a 75% Career History Form improved efficiency in narrowing down hundreds of applicants. "A common compliment from guests who are leaving is, 'I don’t know who found them but you have some of the best people working for you.' That’s an incredible compliment to us and an incredible testimony to the process." - Tim Heronimus, Principal
Batesville 3200 Manufacturing 60% 80% Company prosperity in a declining market "Stated simply, the best talent wins and Topgrading helps identify and hire the best talent. This is true for internal promotions and external hires." - Ken Camp, CEO, Hillenbrand (parent company)
Benco Dental 1300 Dental Supply 27% 60% Revenues grown by more than 30%, doubled operating income, significant decrease in turnover "Implementing Topgrading throughout our organization has been integral to Benco Dental’s growth and success. As leaders, we often say that people are our most important asset. Topgrading provides an invaluable template for managing that asset." - Charles Cohen, Managing Director
Carestream Health 300 Healthcare Digital Solutions 30% 74% 100% A Players hired for leadership team; Reduced costs and improved service "With a 4-year goal of reducing the cost of IT from 3% of sales to 1.5% of sales, our team has almost achieved it in only 3 years. Efficiency has increased tenfold and productivity is much improved." - Bruce Leidal, CIO
Columbus McKinnon 2500 Manufacturing n/a 85% Conducted refresher training courses to remind managers to not cut corners and risk mis-hires "Topgrading has been essential in our international growth. Our organization has embraced the philosophy and process and we believe we are seeing the business results, with the right people in the right positions." - Tim Tevens, CEO
ConnXUs n/a Diverse n/a 90% Successful portfolio company turnarounds for venture capital companies "As Brad interviewed me with his Topgrading Interview, I saw patterns emerge – of successes and learnings that helped me succeed in my future jobs. And some patterns helped me spot my blind spots – areas for improvement that if I didn’t fix, my career would not be as successful." - Jim Kanir, CRO
Corwin Beverages 100 Beverage Delivery 33% 92% Increased profits in a down economy; Focus on quality talent leads to more efficient and effective operations "Topgrading has provided a process and discipline that results in hiring quality employees who provide an immediate impact. These new team members have generated increased revenue and profits when the economy was dictating otherwise." - Vic Oenning, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations
Culligan 6600 Water Treatment n/a 85% Sales increased from $450 million to $1.4 Billion "Topgrading has definitely made two companies I’ve run more profitable. Nothing has been more important for my career success. Really – at least half my career success is attributable to Topgrading and Brad Smart’s counsel." - Scott Clawson, CEO
DenTek 75 Dental Supply 10% Staff; 0% Management 92% Staff; 100% Management Turnover declined from 37% to 6% "Topgrading has been an invaluable tool for DenTek in recruiting and retaining high-level performers. Over the past 6 years we have blossomed into a world-class Consumer Goods company with explosive growth and great opportunities. The excellent performance of new hires and the performance of the overall company can very much be attributed to the success of Topgrading." - David Fox, President
DPT 1000 Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing 17% Hired; 20% Promoted 75% Hired; 80% Promoted Double-digit growth every year for 8 years "Topgrading gives us a talent advantage far superior to our competitors, and enables DPT Laboratories to provide a level of quality and service that is unparalleled in our industry. We couldn’t possibly have accomplished so much in such a short period of time without continuously Topgrading our talent." - Paul Johnson, President and Chief Operating Officer
EMC 177 Storage Hardware 27% 95% Improved from 27% to 95% A Player sales representatives "The region I inherited was 12th of 14 regions, and after Topgrading we shot to the #1 region." - Greg Alexander, Regional Sales Manager (now Managing Director, Sales Benchmark Index)
E*TRADE 4000 Financial Services 25% 75% Improvement from 10-year performance of -20% to 3-year performance of +150% Without Topgrading, E*TRADE would have gone under. Topgrading helped us survive and flourish.” – Paul Idzik, CEO
General Electric 300k Multinational Conglomerate n/a 80%+ Market cap improved from $39B to $570B "The Topgrading methods are the best tools in our arsenal for getting an in-depth understanding of high-potential managers." - Bill Conaty, SVP Human Resources (retired)
GSI 2500 Grain Storage 22% 90% EBITA improved from $71 million to $122 million "Topgrading was not just useful but essential to our success." - Scott Clawson, CEO
Hayes Lemmerz 6,000 Automotive OEM Suppliers n/a 85% (promoted) 74% (hired) EBITDA improved from $157M to $193.3M "The company emerged from Chapter 11 one of the strongest automotive suppliers, and Topgrading contributed to that success. We can't win if we miss on people." - Curt Clawson, CEO
HeimLantz 53 Financial Services n/a 88% Sales increased 27% in first 3 years of Topgrading “A dramatic improvement in organization culture has taken place as a result of Topgrading." - Laura Macauley, COO
Hillenbrand n/a Holding Company n/a 81% Improvement from a "low" number to 81% A Players "Hillenbrand has been transformed with Topgrading. Clearly the shareholders were served by Topgrading faster rather than slower." - Fred Rockwood, former CEO
Home Instead Senior Care n/a Caregiving 25% 88% 40% turnover beats industry average of 100% "Topgrading enabled us to triple the projected sales for the Wichita office; A Player caregivers impress clients, who refer us, and A Players refer other A Players for us to hire." - Michael Steinberg, Franchise Owner
JT Foxx Organization 60 Events & Entrepreneurship 2% 80% Topgrading Interview and reference calls bring confidence to hiring process “My business was failing before I Topgraded; only 2% of my hires were high performers. A couple of years later I’m proud to say at least 80% are high performers. Topgrading taught me how to save my businesses and create successful new businesses.” - J.T. Foxx
K&N Management 600 Restaurant and Retail Chains 21% 89% Sales growth from $60 million to $80 million “Topgrading is the turnkey hiring process that guarantees we are using the very best methods to select the right people that will follow our processes, embrace our culture, and delight our guests.” – Ken Shiller, CEO
Labsphere 90 Electronic Manufacturing 30% 70% Three consecutive years of record profits "Topgrading helped Labsphere’s transformation and success, and contributed to my promotion to head a company 3 times larger. The Topgrading Workshop revolutionized my thinking about how to hire, evaluate and develop our people resources." - Kevin Chittim, President
LearnWell 130 Education 12% (Teachers) 23% (Corporate) 76% (Teachers) 76% (Corporate) 15-20 hours saved each recruitment cycle by not screening low performers; Growing clientele and increased profit "Through Topgrading, our A Players have increased our shareholder wealth significantly and made us competitive on a national stage. Topgrading changed my business, and as a small business owner, by extension, Topgrading also changed the quality of my life." - Ken Munies
Lincoln Financial n/a Financial Services 25% 85% Stock performance improves from 5.4% average return to 17.5% "Topgrading has packed Lincoln with the talent that has turned the company around." - Jon Boscia, Chairman & CEO
LLT, LLP 45 Financial Services 70-80% 95% Improved bottom line and cash flow; Advantage in down markets “My career is a lot more satisfying with Topgrading. I feel I’m respected because almost everyone we hire turns out to be a high performer.” – Gayle Brunt, Office Manager/HR
Los Niños Services 300 Education 50% 85% Numerous “best company” awards attract A Players "Topgrading is the #1 reason for our company’s success. Because of Topgrading we’ve hired people who share our core values, and it’s also the main reason we have won many “best company” awards. People on our team become like a family." - Scott Mesh, CEO
MarineMax 1700 Boat/Yacht Dealer 25% 90% (Sales Reps) 75% (Managers) Grown to 65 stores, several marinas, plus a British Virgin Islands division where MarineMax charters vacation yachts and offers creative ways to purchase yachts; Excellent stock performance "There’s nothing that’s done more for our company than Topgrading. Topgrading has significantly improved our bottom line. We are in the people business, and now with Brad’s gift, Topgrading is the heart of our culture and a primary focus of MarineMax." -Bill McGill, CEO
Michael Schweitzer (Career) n/a Financial Services n/a n/a [Highlights] "I learned Topgrading at UBS in 2003 and have used it in all my roles since. There's no doubt in my mind I packed my team with A Players using Topgrading. Not only has Topgrading helped my career, but I'm confident it has indirectly made my employers more profitable." - Michael A. Schweitzer 40 Personal Finance Applications n/a 90% Business was sold for $166 million after 2 years "If I hadn’t Topgraded, would have failed. With Topgrading I sold the company to Intuit for $166 million." - Aaron Patzer, Founder and Owner
Netsurit 145 Information Technology & Services 9% 75% A Players improved the quality of the services provided; Dramatic reduction in employee turnover "Topgrading has definitely improved Netsurit’s performance. Prior to Topgrading we made 3 serious management mis-hires, and the replacements have all been A Players. We’ve Topgraded the whole company and our sales and profits have skyrocketed." - Orrin Klopper, Co-Founder
North American Nursing Education 4500 Education 19% 87% Capacity utilization set records and academic achievement metrics increased steadily "A focus on talent with Topgrading has been foundational to our growth and success over the past seven years." - Alice Johnson, Vice President, People Development
Nurse Next Door 2000 Caregiving n/a 85% Caregiver turnover declined from 50% to 25% "We’ve grown from 1 to more than 50 locations and have experienced 50% to 100% growth in revenues annually since Topgrading." - Ken Sim, Founder
Onyx MD 30 Healthcare Recruitment 10% 90% Significantly increased revenue; 193% increase from one example client "Implementing the Topgrading principles has empirically shown our improvement toward reaching our vision to become a Top-10 competitor in our industry within five years." – Jim Chandler, CFO
PharmaSales 50 (Sales division of global company) Pharmaceutical Equipment 33% 75% Cost of mis-hired sales reps estimated to be over $1 million, plummeted after Topgrading "Although in a recession in which all sales forces in the industry were selling less, I’m confident that our Topgraded sales force sold much more than if we hadn’t Topgraded." - Pat Smith, Regional Sales Director
ProService Hawaii 110 Human Resources 45% 91% "We are the largest Human Resources Outsourcing company in Hawaii. As we implemented Topgrading at every level of the organization, we went from very high turnover with new hires (because we were disciplined about wanting a high-performing culture) to very low. We powered through the recession and are continuing to grow 20%+ annually (only slowing down because we are big and dominant in our small market, with 65% plus market share)." - Ben Godsey, President
Red Door Interactive 80 Marketing 20% 90% Increased employee satisfaction with promotion processes; Increasing gross profits year after year "There is no doubt Topgrading has made Red Door Interactive more successful. With more A Players, we can achieve higher margins on our services. And clients appreciate the results driven by the high caliber of people we hire and retain. All we have to sell is people." - Reid Carr, CEO
Roundy's 18,000 Supermarkets 20% 80% (Store Managers) 100% (Senior Management) Average of 95% customer service ratings of entry-level employees "There is no doubt about it—the company as a whole has performed better because of Topgrading. A Player executives do a better job of setting direction, 4 times as many A Player store directors of course get better results, and when we’ve Topgraded entry employees and the social media rave about how positive and energized the whole store is, record sales no longer surprise us!" - Bob Mariano, CEO
Santa Teresa 400 Food & Beverages 25% 74% Operations margins rose from 12% to surpass the 17% industry standard; Company selected as the third best place to work in Venezuela and 23rd of 1,900 Latin-American companies "We started applying Topgrading in one of the roughest business environments in the world—Venezuela, where crime, corruption, and social deterioration are rampant. Thanks to Topgrading we’ve transformed the company and our community, but most importantly we’ve altered the philosophy of our surroundings. Talent must precede your purpose if you’re determined to overcome the daunting challenges of survival as a business and then thrive in the international arena." - Alberto C. Vollmer, CEO
Sigma Marketing 85 Marketing 45% 90% "When I came to Sigma just over four years ago, the company was badly hemorrhaging. We needed to make wholesale changes in our staff and change the culture. Our new and Topgraded talent has helped us achieve four solid years of revenues and EBITDA. I believe that Topgrading will help propel the company’s growth for many years to come." - Kenyon Blunt, CEO
Southern Tide 30 Apparel 15% 67% "There is no doubt that Topgrading contributed to our 6000% growth in revenues since we began Topgrading." - Jim Twining, CEO
Subserveo n/a Financial Services n/a 90% A Players attract other A Player candidates in a tight hiring market "We have been using Topgrading for years and there’s no question – the business results are a lot better." - Shannon Susko, President
Synergia One 1300 Consumer Goods 57% 83% Successfully Topgraded in 19 countries, with vastly different businesses "Synergia One is definitely more successful because of Topgrading." - Fred Mouawad, Chairman and CEO
Tekmore 1000 Technology n/a 95% "Thanks to Topgrading and the improved team, operating profit tripled over the two years as TEKMORE gained the confidence of major customers around the world." - Claude Hanson, CEO
TJ Johnson (Career) n/a Biotechnology n/a 85% "Without question, Topgrading absolutely has made my career and all the companies I’ve run more successful." – TJ Johnson, Executive Chairman
Triton 350 Financial Services 2% 80% District Manager turnover reduced from 98% to 32% (far better than industry average) "Topgrading has definitely enabled Triton to perform better as a total company." - Frank Evans, CEO
Virtual Technology 100 Technology n/a 98% Fast-growth, high-tech company "With 95% to 100% success hiring As, our turnover is down and sales and profits have skyrocketed." - Jack Harrington, CEO
Wingman Coaching, LLC DBA VEST - The Virtual Event Sales Team n/a Sales n/a 90% 9x sales growth in three years “Our ability to attract, interview, hire, train and keep A Player sales professionals changed the game for our clients and in most cases helped them double, or even triple their sales.” - Bethany Powlson, COO

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