Glance through the Master Chart of the 48 published case studies.  Actually, including divisions of global companies like General Electric and Synergia, there are many more. The Master Chart shows at a glance that Topgrading is for every organization, no matter what size, industry or location.  Click on any company in the Master Chart and read the full case study.  For each case study you’ll see quotes in which CEOs state in their own words how Topgrading made their businesses more successful.  And you’ll read highlights, including their statistics on hiring success.


CompanyBefore TopgradingAfter Topgrading
Access Development33%94% (total company)
American Heart Association25%95% (upper management)
Anonymous Pharmaceutical Company33%75% (sales reps)
Argo51%96% (Assist. VP and above)
Azura Livingn/a*75% (total company)
Batesville Casket60%80% (total company)
Benco Dental27%60% (management)
Carestream HealthEst. 30%74% (total IT department)
Columbus McKinnonn/a*85% (exempt jobs, globally)
Corwin Beverages33%92% (non-entry jobs)
Culligann/a*85% (All corporate jobs)
92% (staff)
100% (management)
75% (hired, total company)
80% (promoted, total company)
Education, Inc.12%
78% (teachers)
89% (corporate staff)
EMC 27%95% (sales reps)
E*TRADE25%75% (Upper Management)
General Electricn/a*More than 80% (high potential managers)
GSIEst. 22%90% (executives)
Hayes Lemmerzn/a*
85% (managers promoted, globally)
74% (managers hired, globally)
Hillenbrand (2005 Case Study)Low81% (management)
Home Instead (franchise)25%88% (caregivers)
JT Foxx Organization2%80% (total company)
K&N Management21%89% (total company)
Labsphere30%70% (total company)
Los Niño's50%85% (total company)
95% (dealership general managers)
100% (region managers)
Netsurit9%75% (promotions, management)
Nurse Next Doorn/a*85% (corporate and caregiver)
OnyxMD10%90% (total company)
ProService Hawaii 45%91% (total company)
Red Door Interactive20%90% (total company)
Ron Santa Teresa25%74% (total company)
80% (store directors)
100% (senior management)
Sigma Marketing45%90% (total company)
Southern Tide15%67% (total company)
Synergia One57%83% (total company)
Tekmore (name changed)n/a*95% (managers hired/promoted)
Triton2%80% (total staff)
Virtual Technologyn/a*98% (total company)

* Company did not track

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