“Topgrading has definitely made two companies I’ve run more profitable. The Snapshot is amazing – even before talking with a candidate you know if they are a job hopper and how their bosses would rate them.  Nothing has been more important for my career success.  Really – at least half my career success is attributable to Topgrading and Brad Smart’s counsel.”

– Scott Clawson, CEO, Culligan

The Company: Culligan

No. of Employees: 2450

Industry: Culligan is the world leader in residential, office, and commercial water treatment.

Company History: Culligan is based in Chicago area with over 600 dealers in 85 countries; 2450 employees; $450 million sales; $88 million EBITA.

Topgrading Results: 

  • Percent A Players improved to 85% in all corporate jobs
  • Spectacular operating results: Clawson improved EBITA from $47 million to $88 million in only 4 years

Quotes from an interview with Scott Clawson, CEO

  • Even before I showed up for my first day at Culligan, I hired an HR Executive and we got all managers to read the 3rd edition of Topgrading. We brought in Topgrading Professionals to train all the managers and then they implemented train-the-trainer and we’ve trained new managers ever since.
  • Topgrading is required to hire someone; as CEO I must mandate Topgrading, or else I’ve found managers will cut corners and hire lesser performers.
  • Topgrading coaching has helped many B players become A Players
  • I’d recommend a would-be Topgrader to Topgrade the whole company.  Why not – it works at all levels and yes, it’s simpler and shorter at lower level.
  • HR has to be fully involved.  We leverage Topgrading so our clients, hiring managers, get the best candidates and hire only A Players.  The CEO is the only one who can require the necessary disciplines, but HR does most of the heavy lifting to help hiring managers.

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