Topgrading helped Labsphere’s transformation and success, and for sure contributed to my promotion to head a company 3 times larger. Your seminar revolutionized my thinking (built up over a 30+ year career) about how to hire, train, evaluate and develop our people resources. Over time, we trained more than 25% of our workforce—all managers, supervisors, and directors—on Topgrading principles and made Topgrading a vital part of our culture.

- Kevin Chittim, CEO (recently promoted to CEO of another division of Halma plc., OceanOptics)

Company: Labsphere

No. of Employees: 65, Global Leader

Industry: Light Measurement Products


  • Improved from 30% to 70% A Players hired/promoted in the total company.
  • Three consecutive years of record profits (first year after adopting Top- grading, sales +19%, profit +73%; second year, sales +47%, profits +91%; third year (current), sales +23%, profits +36%).
  • CEO posts his Job Scorecard outside his door.
  • Portfolio CEOs share Topgrading experiences with each other.

Company History:  Labsphere is a manufacturer of light measurement products; it is one of 42 Halma companies and has 65 employees. Many Halma companies embrace Topgrading and as of this writing, Halma’s 3-year return is 19% and its 5-year return is 14% (excellent if not spectacular).

Topgrading Methods: In 2007 Chittim’s manager suggested that he attend a Topgrading Workshop. Sherry Moore became a certified Topgrading trainer and continues to train managers.

All the basic Topgrading methods are used for hiring and promoting people.  Halma portfolio CEOs and Managing Directors regularly share experiences and advice for their peers. Some unusual modifications at Labsphere are:

  1. Job Scorecard:  Kevin posts his Job Scorecard outside his door, so his team knows exactly how he is being measured.
  2. Report:  All interviewers (phone, competency, tandem Topgrading interview, reference check) make notes and share their opinions on a conference call with the hiring manager.

Topgrading Results:  The total company has improved from 30% hiring and promoting success (A Players) to 70%, and the goal is “to keep improving.”

  • First year after adopting Topgrading, Sales +19%, Profit +73%
  • Second year, Sales +47%, Profits  91%
  • Third year (current), Sales +23%, Profits +36%

Three consecutive record sales and profit years!  Labsphere more than doubled sales and quadrupled profits in less than 3 years.

At the annual CEO conference attended by the Presidents of the now 42 company Group, Labsphere was recognized for:

  • Largest sales growth in the Group
  • Received the Group People Development Award
  • Was Recognized as the Group Company of the Year

Best Advice: “Dip in or Dive in,” a saying meaning that with Topgrading it’s essential to embrace all the methods and maintain the disciplines rigorously.

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