If I hadn’t Topgraded, Mint.com would have failed. With Topgrading I sold the company to Intuit for $166 million.
– Aaron Patzer, Founder and Owner

The Company: Mint.com

No. of Employees: 40

Industry: Personal Finance Applications


  • Start-up with Topgrading — 90% of people hired turned out to be A Players
  • The Topgraded business was sold after 2 years for $166 million.

Quotes from the interview with Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO:

  • "Topgrading Third Editionis the best, most valuable business book I’ve ever read.
  • At age 25 I was working 75 hours per week and frustrated with the additional hours necessary to manage my personal finances using Money or Quicken.  So I created and launched Mint.com, with occasional self-doubts.  After all, I was attacking Microsoft and Intuit with no business experience, no leadership experience, no knowledge of Java Web services, and, by the way, no money. 
  • I’d never hired anyone but Topgrading gave me the roadmap to follow.
  • I mis-hired only 4 people out of 40.

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