Corwin Beverage Company Case Study

No. of Employees: 100
Industry: Beverage Delivery


  • Improvement from 33% to 92% A Players hired in non-entry level jobs
  • Increased profits in a down economy
  • Focus on quality talent leads to more efficient and effective operations

The Company

Corwin Beverage Company is a fourth-generation family-owned business that has sold beverages in Southwest Washington since 1941. From humble beginnings with one truck and three employees nearly 80 years ago, to over 100 trucks and more than 100 employees today, Corwin has established a long tradition of award-winning sales and service.

The Challenge

In 2009, Corwin had an opening for a key job, and no employees promotable to that role. They were introduced to Topgrading by their Gazelles business coach, and after the HR Manager attended the Topgrading Workshop, they put the methods to the test to hire an outside candidate. They typically received over 1000 resumes for each of their job postings.

In addition to this particular challenge, the economy was in a recession. Corwin’s peers were facing layoffs and eroding sales. Within their own company, they estimated they had 33% high performers in non-entry level jobs – 21% high performers overall.

“Customer service and innovation requires consistent execution by superior team players”

- Vic Oenning,
Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations

The Solutions

To aid in the process of sifting through over a thousand resumes, Corwin tested out the Topgrading Snapshot. It reduced the time spent reviewing each resume and aided in narrowing down the candidates to only 30 who would complete the full Career History Form. From those candidates, Corwin’s team would select six for phone screenings and Topgrading Interviews.

Because of Topgrading, the HR team at Corwin has become a key element in the company’s strategic planning.

The Results

After Topgrading, Corwin measured their number of high performers to be 92% of their non-entry level employees and 59% overall. They have had three employees honored with PepsiCo’s President’s Ring of Honor and one with the Circle of Champions award. These awards are given to less than 1% of Pepsi’s sales force annually and, to the company’s knowledge, they are possibly the only Pepsi franchise in the nation with four employees who have received this level of recognition.

Since initiating Topgrading, they experienced increased revenue and profits, even when the economy was down.

“After we got just a handful of A Players in the door, the difference was palpable. We could all feel the difference. That was all it took to get our hiring managers on-board and committed to Topgrading. Everyone wants A Players on their teams now and they are willing to take the time needed to find them.” - Heidi Schultz, VP of HR

“By focusing on the quality and performance of our people, it’s like everything else just takes care of itself.”

- Heidi Schultz,
Vice President of Human Resources

Topgrading has provided a process and discipline
that results in hiring quality employees who provide an immediate impact.
These new team members have generated increased revenue and profits for Corwin
when the economy was dictating otherwise.

- Vic Oenning
Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations

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