DenTek Case Study

Consumer Goods Startup Achieves Explosive Growth After Implementing Topgrading

No. of Employees: 75
Industry: Dental Equipment


  • Improvement from 0% to 100% A Players hired in management
  • Improvement from 10% to 92% A Players hired in staff jobs
  • Turnover declined from 37% to 6%

The Company

DenTek Oral Care is a leader in developing and marketing oral care products sold in retail stores around the world. The company's original owner, John Jansheski, started the company when his father, a dentist, invented an at-home tartar removal device, now known to many as a dental pick.

DenTek implemented Topgrading after four costly managerial mis-hires.

"Topgrading has been an invaluable tool for DenTek in recruiting and retaining high-level performers. Over the past 6 years we have blossomed into a world-class Consumer Goods company with explosive growth and great opportunities. The excellent performance of new hires and the performance of the overall company can very much be attributed to the success of Topgrading. It was the major change right before we started our strong growth curve of 25% annually."

- David Fox, President


Initially the emphasis was on managerial hiring, but since the original roll-out, simplified versions of Topgrading methods have been implemented for hiring non-managerial employees.

Advice for Future Topgraders from David Fox, President

  • Topgrade from the top down. Begin by using Topgrading to hire executives at the top first, then continue to use Topgrading at the next levels down. That way you'll have A Players hiring A Players.
  • Topgrading is the only method to help A Players develop fast, give B Players a chance to become As, and replace executives who do not have the potential to become A Players.
  • Don't be intimidated by the time it takes. There is no substitute for having A Players. No leader can win without them. Topgrading takes far less time than you would waste if you make bad hires or leave the wrong people in the job.
  • Adapt the elements that work best for your company. The Topgrading professionals know how to help you do this.
  • Get started, and watch the results.


Talent reviews indicate that the percent A Players hired has improved from about 10% to 92% for non-managers. Managerial hiring improved from 0 out of 4 A Players to 4 out of 4 A Players - from 0% to 100%.

Employee turnover has declined every year, starting at 37% before Topgrading and decreasing to 6% at the time of the case study.

Looking for similar results for your organization? Talk to an advisor.

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