Helpflow Case Study

Strong Team Facilitates Fast Growth

"I never would have been able to successfully build my company without Topgrading."

- Jon Tucker, CEO

No. of Employees: Approximately 105
Industry: Customer Service


  • Improvement from an estimated 30% to 88% A Players hired
  • 1% Turnover rate for Customer Service Representatives
  • High Growth

The Company & Challenge

Helpflow provides 24/7 live chat support teams to hundreds of ecommerce websites. The company works closely with their clients to learn their specific needs and accomplish their goals, and focuses particularly on improving their clients’ conversion rates.

Founded in 2014, Helpflow grew quickly. CEO Jon Tucker needed a solid leadership team, and particularly an Operations Manager to help him as the company grew from 10 agents to 100. As a growing business, Tucker knew he needed the hiring process to be effective and precise.

The Solution

Tucker learned about Topgrading from a previous employer and decided to implement the principles to build his leadership team. The process produced an excellent Operations Manager, so Tucker and his team committed to using the methodology on all future hires.

Tucker finds particular value in the Topgrading interview structure, noting that the process makes it easy to spot trends in candidates’ past experiences, and know whether they’ll be a good fit.

"We feel as though we've worked with the person for months before we hire them."

- Jon Tucker, CEO

“Most people get hung up with how time consuming Topgrading seems,” he says. “But the end result is that we feel as though we’ve worked with the person for months before we hire them.” The deep connection with candidates, Tucker explains, tells him and his team whether the candidate will be a good fit before they make their hiring decision.

The Results

Over the past two years, 88% of Helpflow’s hires have been A Players. Tucker recalls only one incident that he would call a mis-hire, and even that hire still produced results.

At Helpflow, turnover for Customer Service Representatives is 1%, compared to the industry standard of 30% - a statistic that Helpflow can proudly share with potential clients.

With Topgrading, Helpflow is on track to double in size. “That is a function of all of us executing at a really high level,” says Tucker. “We had the right people in the right seats and knew how to execute.”

how to create a job scorecard

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