J.T. Foxx Case Study

Topgrading Saves Business and Launches Career

"Not Topgrading almost cost me my company; using Topgrading saved it and enabled my business to skyrocket."

- J.T. Foxx

No. of Employees: 60
Industry: Events & Entrepreneurship


  • Improved from 2% to 80%+ A Players hired
  • Small but highly complex business requires A Players
  • Topgrading Interview and reference calls bring confidence to hiring process

The Challenge

J.T. Foxx was down and out. “I had nothing more than a rented pickup truck, $974, and one cheap suit,” he said. But like many successful entrepreneurs, Foxx possessed a strong drive to succeed.

He started a multi-faceted business, which almost failed spectacularly. “I wasn’t focused," he says, "and almost all the people I hired failed.” But Foxx learned from his mistakes and kept trying. Being in the mix of diversified businesses helped Foxx develop a dynamic personality and powerful sales and teaching skills.

Foxx heard about Topgrading from friends in a leading author’s group. He called Brad Smart, saying his business was failing because of terrible mis-hires. Smart recommended Foxx attend a Topgrading Workshop, which he did.


Foxx immediately implemented Topgrading - its structure appealing to his compulsive nature. In monthly touch points with Smart, Foxx reported that his new Topgraded hires were so much of an improvement over his previous hires that he cleaned house.

“I’m a sales guy,” he said, “so sitting for a couple of hours interviewing a candidate initially drove me nuts. But I stuck with the process because I could see patterns emerging and as I learned about each job I got deeper and deeper insights into the candidates. When I conducted reference checks with the candidates' bosses I got solid confirmation of the conclusions I'd drawn, and I had great confidence in the the people I hired.

“My business was failing before I Topgraded; only 2% of my hires were high performers. A couple of years later I’m proud to say at least 80% are high performers. Topgrading taught me how to save my businesses and create successful new businesses.”

- J.T. Foxx

The Results

In recent years Foxx has acquired over 500 properties, closed over $40 million in real estate deals, and has gained quite a reputation as a wealth advisor, motivational speaker, and radio host.

His events include Mega Success, where thousands attend to learn from famous business leaders, entertainers, and political leaders.

Foxx concludes, “Since learning Topgrading, all my business start-ups have been successful.”

Topgrading can help you achieve similar results. Contact us today.

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